Bronte Horticultural Society: Through the Years
Going Green
Martintown thank you letter to Bronte Horticultural Society
Martintown thank you letter to Bronte Horticultural Society Details
Through the years, the Bronte Horticultural Society has promoted and encouraged an interest in horticulture. In the early years, many community projects and plantings were undertaken such as planting shrubs and trees at schools, churches, and at Coronation Park, planting 300 trees between Highway 2 and the lake, and participating in the transformation of the Gore into a lovely green parkette.

Many schools and churches benefited from donations of bulbs, monetary donations, and flower bed maintenance. Bronte Horticultural Society members maintained indoor plants at Colborne Senior Centre, gardens at Kerr Street Senior Centre, and window boxes and gardens at Wellspring.
Martintown tree planting, Bronte Horticultural Society (1998)
Martintown tree planting, Bronte Horticultural Society (1998) Details
When our sister city, Martintown, was devastated by an ice storm in 1998, a donation of $250 was made to replace damaged trees

In 2000, arrangements were made with the Town of Oakville Greenhouse to have Bronte Horticultural Society members volunteer to help with transplanting, taking cuttings and general plant maintenance. The society has also contributed monetarily to the Royal Botanical Gardens.
Halton Region staff promoting rain barrels
Halton Region staff promoting rain barrels Details
As more groups began taking on community projects, Bronte Horticultural Society's focus turned to information and education. Whereas in the fifties, speakers from CIL and Ortho promoted chemical pesticides and insecticides and Monsanto introduced a synthetic soil conditioner called "Krilium," the nineties saw a trend towards 'green initiatives', giving old ideas a modern twist.

The Urban Forest Study in 2006, the Oakville Pesticide by-law in 2008, and the Boulevard Planting by-law in 2009 were an opportunity to share input with the Oakville Horticultural Society, Oakvillegreen and Landscape Ontario.
Bronte Bluffs tree planting
Bronte Bluffs tree planting Details
In 2006, in conjunction with Oakville Parks and Open Space, Bronte Horticultural Society, Bronte Historical Society, and Oakville Horticultural Society, assisted Ground Breakers planting over 200 native trees and shrubs at Bronte Bluffs.

A monetary donation was made to Greenglade school in 2011 for a bio-retention cell and planting of native species. Around the same time, the Bronte Horticultural Society conducted a Garlic Mustard pull and carried out naturalization plantings on the Bronte Bluffs.
Field of Spring Project daffodils
Field of Spring Project daffodils Details
The "Fields of Spring Project" was launched in 2014, conducted jointly with the Oakville Horticultural Society and the Town of Oakville. This project involved the planting of 3000 daffodil bulbs at the Colborne Centre and at Postridge Park.

Today's emphasis on sustainability, the threat of the emerald ash borer and the Asian long-horned beetle on our forests, and the decline of pollinators has influenced our choice of guest speakers at our meetings to include such topics as drought-resistant gardens, use of integrated pest management, the use of TreeAzin injections to protect ash trees and the creation of pollinator gardens.
Asclepias (butterfly plants)
Asclepias (butterfly plants) Details
In 2015, over 250 asclepias (butterfly plant) seedlings were distributed to our members for the creation of butterfly gardens, as we strive not only to beautify but also protect our environment.

For more information on the Town of Oakville by-laws and the use of TreeAzin injections, go to
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