Bronte Horticultural Society: Through the Years
Past Speakers

In Joan Leslie's booklet, "The Story of Bronte Horticultural Society" which covered the years up to 1999, she noted that "Bronte Horticultural Society has been fortunate to have had excellent speakers." She also mentioned that many members, who are also Master Gardeners, have given talks, as have knowledgeable members. As before, to all those who have jumped in at the last moment due to cancellations, Bronte Horticultural Society is most grateful. The tradition continues.

Year Topic Speaker Information
2000 Perennial Beds Lorraine Mennen – Pathways to Perennials
Proposed Butterfly Garden Lee Barnard – Bronte B.I.A.
Preparing Your Spring Garden Richard Gruener – Connon Nurseries
Roses Kristof Isakowski – Town of Oakville
Homeopathic Medicine Ashgar Upal – Town of Oakville
Bonsai & Rocks Bernt Duddik
Winterizing Your Garden Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardener
Centerpieces Margaret Devries – Hopedale Florists
2001 Gardens of Quebec/Maritimes Frank Kershaw
Identifying Bud Formation Anita Van der Wouden – Rattlesnake Pt.
New Annuals Gayle Jakaitis – Gayle’s Greenhouses
Gardens of St. Judes Diane Wiggins
Identifying Perennials Member participation
English Country Gardens Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
2002 Starting Seeds Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardeners
Small Urban Gardens Bob Dickson
Composting Charlie Hogg – Master Gardener
Identifying Annuals Member participation
Collecting Seeds Belinda Gallagher – Master Gardener
Planting, Pruning & Care of Shrubs Patricia Thompson – Arborist
2003 Butchart Garden Video Judy Wiklund
Plant Texture & Foliage Janet Anderson – NEA Perennials
Ground Covers Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
Roses George Pagouiski – RBG Rosarian
Inspiration For Your Garden Yvonne Cunnington
Garden Soil Marg Richards
Bird Observation & Attracting Birds & Butterflies Hugh McArther & Randy Wilson
Question & Answer Night Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardener
30-Year Garden Transformation Dave & Cathy Cummins
2004 Seaweed Natural Fertilizer Ray Buffet – Share Grow
Exotic Evergreens Jim Lounsbery – Vineland Nurseries
Perennial Gardening John Valleau – Heritage Perennials
Daylilies, Hostas & Peonies Jack Kent – The Potting Shed
Container Gardening Ann Fabris – Sheridan Nurseries
Winter Gardens Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
Garden Humourist David Hobson
Low Maintenance Gardens Miriam Goldberg – Wildflower Farm
2005 Gardens of the Eastern Townships Frank Kershaw
Communities in Bloom Program Murray Cameron – Town of Oakville
Clematis and Vines Peter Keeping
Lilacs Bruce Peart
Container Gardening Paul Zammit
Question & Answer Society Master Gardeners
Decorating Ideas for Fall Elaine Martin – A Day in the Country
Native Plants Ken Parker – Sweet Grass Gardens
2006 Canada West Slide Show Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardener
Xeriscaping Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
"Joy in the Garden" - humour Paul Knowles
Bearded Iris Bob & Ann Granatier – Trails End Gardens
Grasses Belinda Gallagher – Triffids Plants
Selections for Shade Paul Zammit – Plant World
Planting for 4 Seasons Paul Zammit – Plant World
Ground Covers Dave & Cathy Cummins
2007 Garden Design Stephanie Morris
Starting Seeds David Marshall – Master Gardener
Gardens Around the World Anna Leggatt
Dividing & Propagating Perennials David Marshall – Master Gardener
Perennials That Work John Valleau – Heritage Perennials
Herbs Marilyn Edmison-Driedger
Extending the Garden in Fall Marion Jarvie
Bulbs Dugold Cameron – Garden Import
2008 Early Colour in the Garden Marion Jarvie
Trip Through Arizona – Slide Rosalind Rumball
Flowering Trees & Shrubs Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardener
Wise Water Use Chris Denech – University of Guelph
Landscaping for Small Spaces Denis Flanagan
Border Design Belinda Gallagher – Triffids
Members Night Provided by our own members
Water Gardens Andy Lohaza – Town of Oakville
2009 Chicago Botanical Gardens Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
Roses Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardener
New Flowers & Veggies for 2009 Connie Dam-Byl
Orchid Care Scott Milne – Orchid Society
Curb Appeal Frank Kershaw
Perennials for All Seasons Lorraine Mennen – Pathways to Perennials
Ornamental Grasses Belinda Gallagher – Triffids Plants
Dwarf & Unusual Conifers Jim Lounsbery – Vineland Nurseries
Gardening for Songbird Conservation Christina Sharma – Chirp
2010 Landscaping with TLC Sherry Hayes
Lavender Busy Bee Gardens
Trees in the Urban Environment Tom Bradley
Herbs Glen Brunetti
Lilac, Peonies & Irises Ken Brown
Dahlias & Mums Jim Hall
Small Trees Tony Post
Photographing Gardens Tom Stephens – Society Member
Bulbs, Tender Perennials, Annuals & Perennials Together Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
2011 All About Rhododendrons Laura Grant
Delphiniums Christine Gill
Bringing the Tropics North Fred Prescod
Hostas & Peonies Jack Kent – The Potting Shed
Clematis Peter Keeping
Vegetables for Small Gardens Steven Biggs
Autumn Gardening Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
Shade Gardening Anna Leggat
Continuous Blooms Lorraine Roberts
2012 Gardens in Quebec and the Maritimes - Slide Lorne Sparrow – Master Gardener
Zen Gardens Wolfegang Bonham - LovePeaceLandscaping
Garden-Friendly for Wildlife Gail Trenholm
Daylilies Jane Fish
Wild Birds & Your Garden David Wood – Wild Birds Unlimited
Summer-Flowering Bulbs Dugald Cameron – Garden Imports
The Hydrangea Edel Schmidt – Sheridan College
Bulbs Marjorie Mason
Fast Growing Trees Joelle Mulski & Adam Koziel – Earthgen
2013 Conifers Darren Heimbecker – Whistling Gardens
Well-behaved Plants & Shrubs Edel Schmidt – Edelweiss Landscaping
Evening Gardens Wolfegang Bonham - LovePeaceLandscaping
Garden Photography Marilyn Cornwell
Little-known Gems Jim Lounsbery – Vineland Nurseries
Magnolias, Rhodos & Azaleas Kevin Kavanagh
Worms & Vermiculture Cathy Nesbitt
Garden Design Vicki Taylor-Scott
Landscape Design Adele Bakhaus
2014 Annuals & Perennials Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
Garden-friendly for Bees Paul Kelly
A Yankee in the Queen's Garden Carlo Balistrieri
Rose Grafting and Propagation Roland Craig
Question & Answer Society Master Gardeners
Garden Design Wolfegang Bonham - LovePeaceLandscaping
Unique Plants Marjorie Mason – Mason House Gardens
Lavender Melissa Achal – Neob Niagara
Dahlias Jim Hall
Flower Arranging Lizzie Matheson
2015 Best Perennials Marion Jarvie
Question & Answer Society Master Gardeners
Bringing Monarchs to Your Garden Carol Pasternak
Bugs - Good, Bad & Ugly Angie Mennen – Pathways to Perennials
Fabulous Ferns Cathy Kavassalis
Perennials & Other Picky Plants Lee Chapman – Terra Gardens
Gardens that pop Ken Brown
Achieving beauty/diversity in your garden Bill Andrews
Low maintenance gardening Dugald Cameron
2016 No Petunias, a Potpourri of Unique & Unusual David Hobson
Cold Frames – Get an Early Start on the Season Kyla Dixon-Muir
Re-juvenating, Restructuring & the Art of Layering Marion Jarvie
Perennials Worth the Hunt Paul Zammit – Toronto Botanical Gardens
How to Achieve Beauty, Diversity & Low Maintenance Bill Andrews
New Plants for 2016 Denis Flanagan – Landscape Ontario
Growing Gracefully: Maturing a Landscape Sean James – Fern Ridge Landscaping
Growing Nuts in Ontario Elizabeth Burrow – Jewels Under the Kilt
Gardening From a Hammock Dan Cooper – Master Gardener
Floral Arranging....and Here Begins the Journey Lizzie Matheson
2017 Creating a Pollinator’s Paradise Liam Kijewski, Wildlife Gardening
The Fascinating Biology of Orchids Dr. Larry Peterson
Introduction to Herbal Medicine Elizabeth Boyd
Look at Plant-Animal Interactions in the Garden Martin Galloway
Creating an Interesting, Intriguing Garden Wolfegang Bonham, Peace, Love and Landscaping
Plants in Jeopardy Kevin Kavanagh
Prepping Your Garden for Winter Charlie Dobbin, Garden Solutions
Planting for Biodiversity Paul Zammit
Daylilies: Five Top Plants Paul Gelatly, “The Tattooed Gardener”
Great British Garden Revival Frank Seviour
2018 Taking a New Direction With Roses Alex Henderson (RBG)
Making a Difference Sean James
Edibles in the Urban Landscape Steven Biggs
Life and Times of the Monarch Donald Davis
Growing Healthy Organic Fruit Trees Susan Poizner
Soil Health Glen Munroe
Garden Designs Wolfgang Bonham
“Eco-Initiatives” Mike Prong
“The History of Oakville Parks” Jane Arnett (Oakville Parks & Open Space)
“Floral Design & Reverie” Lizzie Matheson
2019 A Glimpse Behind the Scenes Steve Weirsma (Town of Oakville)
Grow and Learn Emma Beggs
Pond & Waterfall Aesthetics Wolfgang Bonham
Rethinking Beauty Paul Zammit
9 Things I Learned From Other Gardeners Rob Howard
Building a New Nature Based Economy Kyle Hutcheson
Questions & Answers MGs Lorne Sparrow & David Marshall
A Look at the Lighter Side of Gardening David Hobson
Exotic Flowers of Southeast Asia Don Cooper
Simon’s Tour of Positivity (Juggling Act) Simon Harmgardt
2020 Rain Gardens Janet Hughes Mackey
A History of the RBG Dr. David A. Galbraith, Ph.D.
Herbs (For the Spring Breakfast Meeting) Catherine Kavassalis - Master Gardener
Remaining speakers cancelled due to Covid-19
2021 The Future of Gardening Claudette Sims
Making the Most of the Autumn Garden Theresa Forte
The Garden Regrets Helen Battersby
Best of British Gardens David Hobson

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