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Steve Nease: Tribute to a Local Artist
A Tribute to the Taxpayer

Canadian taxpayers - a collective that includes Oakvillians - are faced with countless everyday hurdles. To make matters worse, it seems sometimes that the people in power could not be more out of touch with those they supposedly represent, often doing a lot more harm than good.

They hit us hard with costs,

if they're not annihilating us with a sales tax,

which, apparently, is a hard habit to break.

They bury us under the weight of a recession,

crush us with budgets,

restrict us,

give us heart attacks,

make us doubt,

have no problem causing us pain, especially for greed,

and as soon as they giveth, they taketh away.

Very often, they think they're helping,

when, in fact, it's usually just the opposite,

if it doesn't actually ruin us entirely.

Unemployment is a problem,

and yet, they seem to talk about anything else,

telling us to contribute to an RRSP with all the money we make from the job we don't have,

telling us to just get a job.

Let's not forget that they can also be rather boring,

and no one is better than any other.

Even when things look like they could be improving, they don't.

The same things just keep on happening.

All the while, they're sitting high in the clouds,

taking a nice cut of our livelihood (Merry Christmas Mr. Mulroney!),

for themselves,

and their friends,

bungling billions,

with little regard for how that affects us.

But it's okay, because in the end, who'd want to be like them, anyways?

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