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Steve Nease: Tribute to a Local Artist
The Appeal of Humour

Clever humour is a definitive aspect of Nease’s work, and no more so than in this collection. Nease often situates Oakvillians as Ontarians or Canadians, and in such a way that they can laugh at the political powers that be. Difficult issues, like the recession, or the mismanagement of taxpayer money, are illustrated in witty, sardonic, and often hilarious ways, the cartoons being lauded as “spot on” in both their capturing and justifying of the collective's sentiment. For Nease, it is not surprising that people respond so well to a humourous take on very serious topics.
"If you don’t laugh you’ll cry. People need a little humourous relief from the seriousness of the day. Plus, when it comes to things like economic downturn, everybody can relate to it. The more people that can relate to it, the more successful the cartoon is. They can see themselves in the cartoon. They see themselves or they can see their own opinion verified, or agreed with in the cartoon and they can relate to it, so they like that.”

For the most part, Nease’s commentary is informed by public opinion, his humour often expressing a partiality, if not empathy, for the common tax paying citizen.
"After a while, when you’re doing this kind of work, you start to understand what not only forms your own opinion, but what forms the general population’s opinions on things, and you start to get a feel for what people are thinking and you start reflecting that in your work. It’s your opinion but you’re also reflecting a lot of the readership’s opinion."

Being unenthused by political candidates is hardly fun, but it can certainly be funny

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