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Steve Nease: Tribute to a Local Artist
The Cartoonist's Aspirations

For Nease, a good cartoon is one that does more than simply caricature a political decision maker. The goal of the editorial cartoonist is to develop an opinion on a subject and make a comment. The drawing is important, but the cleverness and brevity of the writing is what gives the cartoon an affective impact.
“I’d say it’s 51% idea and 49% drawing because you do need a good drawing to deliver the idea, but it’s the idea that makes a good cartoon. A good cartoon is one that delivers the message quickly and you don’t have the reader scratching their head saying ‘what does this mean’?”

Political news is a never-ending resource of inspiration for the editorial cartoonist, but as far as picking subjects to focus on, Nease likes to keep it current, even if that means branching out into other topics.
“I like doing whatever people are talking about. It could be the weather. It could be the Leafs' losing streak. It could be the results of an election. Whatever’s in the news is what I’ll do a cartoon about. The bigger the topic the better I find.”

A relatable subject lends itself well to the editorial cartoonist,
and as Nease says, “you don’t have to be politically
astute to know that it’s hot out,” or in this case,
that it’s raining. Everybody can relate to the weather.

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