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Steve Nease: Tribute to a Local Artist
Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, & Mike Harris: A Tribute (sort of)

Meet Brian Mulroney, federal conservative leader and Prime Minister of Canada from 1984-1993 - a man with no real distinguishing features.

A man with impeccable timing,

grand speeches,

and, apparently, a moral compass that rivaled an Arthurian knight.

When he wasn't debating,

reading the paper,


or sleeping through a socialism wave,

he was either bearing gifts,


opening up Canadian waters,

or sleeping through something else.

There is no doubt that Mulroney bore the weight of many burdens,

but he might have made it a little easier on himself had he paid more attention to the obvious,

instead of asking Santa for a quick and easy solution.

After Mulroney, there was Jean Chretien, Liberal leader and Prime Minister of Canada from 1993-2003, who couldn't escape from Trudeau's shadow,

even though he did experience popularity in his own right,

after it looked like he wasn't going to make it.

He had good intentions

(which he enjoyed spreading far and wide)

treated everyone with utmost diplomacy,

and came through for Canada when it really mattered.

It would seem that he was untouchable.

But then, like all politicians, he encountered some troubles,

and it became clear to everyone, except maybe to him, that his time as a Liberal leader was running out.

Then there was Mike Harris, provincial conservative leader and Premier of Ontario from 1995-2002. Known for his election strategies,

and his gift giving.

He loved surprising people,

and cutting everything besides taxes.

But say what you will about Harris,

his job was not an easy one.

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