Oakville Memories: Old & New
Lifestyles & Traditions
Civic Holiday Celebration. Courtesy of the Town of Oakville
Civic Holiday Celebration. Courtesy of the Town of Oakville Details

We all have our own individual traditions and daily routines. Similarly, as a community, Oakvillians share many traditions and life experiences. Below are just a few of many Oakville experiences.

A Kid's Christmas in Oakville (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Christmas memories of Oakville (1939) By Barbara Thornton-Savage

Oakville’s lady of the dance (1960s on) By Judy Wedeles

Breathless anticipation of fireworks gone (1960s & 70s) By Judy Wedeles

Looking back fondly on Oakville’s Fashion scene (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Oakville Entertainment Then & Now (1900s) By William Davis

Meet the Collier Family (1920s on) By Leslie Collier and Family

The Many faces of Oakville (2007) By Angela Blackburn, the Oakville Beaver

The Rotary Club of Oakville (1924 on) The Rotary Club of Oakville

Downtown Oakville: A Tradition of friendly, personal service (1987)The Oakville Beaver

Oakville is turning Japanese (1983) The Oakville Beaver

Blanchard Family (1964-1985) By Bambi Blanchard

Tilley, A Special Barn Cat (1954-1955) By Allan Ross Wark

Rabbit Stew (1930s) By Bob Hughes

Memories of "Aunt" Jean (1954-59) By Allan Ross Wark

A Fond Remembrance of the Way We Were (1958-61) By Betty Hansford

The Junior Chamber of Commerce (JAYCEES 1958) The Making of New Friendships By Dick Maybee

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