Oakville Memories: Old & New
Growing up in Oakville
Courtesy of the Oakville Museum.
Courtesy of the Oakville Museum. Details

Everyone has memories of their childhood, and many of these memories are shared experiences. The stories below cover a wide range of childhood experiences, from school to play, and may even spark some of your own memories!

Oakville: Things are a changin’ (60s & 70s) By Judy Wedeles

Enjoying life’s simple pleasures (1920s) By Heather Peden

Memories of Oakville (1970s & 80s) By Eileen Leather

Growing up in Oakville: A Westside story (1910s to 30s) By Mary Philbrook

Gordon Buch Remembers (1937 on) By Gordon Buch

John DeGroot remembers (1926-1944) By John DeGroot

Maplegrove School (1930-2) By Bob Hughes

Westwood Public School (1930s) By Bob Hughes

There was always something to explore in Oakville (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Backyard camping adventures a test of friendship (60s) By Judy Wedeles

June an agonizing time to be in school (1960s) By Judy Wedeles

Flashbacks of memorable music classes (1960s) By Judy Wedeles

The most magical time of the day (1960s) By Judy Wedeles

A walk down memory lane (1935-1940) By Marjorie White

Bronte Boys (1920s - 1950s) By Karen Alton, The Oakville Beaver

An Oakville Family's History (1911-1954)By Bob Hitchcox

Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville, Ontario By Barbara Savage

A Winter Long Ago (1948-1949) By Ross Wark

Of Caves and Seasonal Things (1948-1952) By Ross Wark

Mrs Betty Tough (nee Perdue) Memories (1922 - on) By Betty Tough

St Jude's Anglican Church (1940s) By Bob Hughes

Summertime, a Search for Coolness (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Shopping with the heart (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Oakville a refuge (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Melting memories of days gone by (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Laundry day was fun-filled adventure (60s) By Judy Wedeles

Oakville hasn't changed all that much in 25 years (60s & 70s) By Judy Wedeles

The Perkins Family (1916 on) By Kathleen (Lett) and Janet (Windmill) Perkins

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