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(John AND Durlin AND Smith, AND b.October AND 20, AND 1806, AND d. AND November AND 16, AND 1896 AND in AND Palermo, AND Trafalgar AND Township. AND On AND October AND 25, AND 1831 AND he AND married AND Margaret AND Book AND Walker, AND b. AND September AND 28, AND 1808, AND d. AND March AND 12, AND 1879 AND in AND Palermo. Their AND son: AND John AND Walker AND Smith, AND b.August AND 31, AND 1854, AND m.October AND 26, AND 1881 AND to AND Keturah AND Margaret AND Inglehart, AND d.April AND 28, AND 1930. AND Keturah AND Inglehart, AND b.August AND 21, AND 1858, AND d.June AND 8, AND 1918. Children AND of AND Walker AND and AND Keturah: AND Arthur AND Albert, AND b.December AND 1883, AND d. AND 1970, AND and AND John AND Russell, AND b.1886. AND Art AND married AND Mabel AND Bridgeman AND from AND the AND hamlet AND of AND Zimmerman AND at AND Appleby AND and AND 2nd AND Line. AND Mabel AND b.1884 AND d.1962. Son AND of AND Art AND and AND Mabel: AND Reginald AND Smith, AND born AND May AND 29, AND 1923, AND died AND May AND 29, AND 2010)
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