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Kenneth D. Marlatt, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, World War I 
Image    The 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles was a cavalry unit which participated in many of the most famous battles of the First World War. A good history of the 4th CMR can be found at http://www.4cmr.com/ A link to this website is provided in this record, under the photograph.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Transcript of Army Book 152 WW1
Correspondence Book (Field Service)
ImageText  1916  This is a partial transcript of one of 3 correspondence books kept by Kenneth D. Marlatt during his service with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles in France, in 1916. Kenneth Marlatt rose from Lieutenant to Major during his service. The 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles was a cavalry unit which...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
1958 Map Oakville Trafalgar Bronte Area 
ImageText  March 1958  This 1958 map of the Town of Oakville has an inset map of Bronte and an inset map of Trafalgar Township. The postal routes and times of delivery are handwritten and drawn on the Town of Oakville section. The map was obtained from the Canada Post Archives held by the National Library of...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Cedar Croft, 1946. 
Image    "Cedar Croft" a buisness offering Cabin Rentals, was located on what are now the grounds of Appleby College in Oakville. The cabins were built one at a time by Sherman G. Powley, (1863-1946), beginning in 1925. This photo was hand-titnted, and was sent to the family by an American Tourist.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Cedar Croft Sign, 1965. 
Image    The Cedar Croft property, originally owned by Sherman G. Powley, was split between his two sons Wakeford and Warren upon the death of his wife Elishia in 1950. Wakeford, who himself died in 1958, had lived in Toronto, and his portion was maintained by his wife and daughter under the original name...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
The "Tuning Fork" at Cedar Croft Motorcourt, 1965. 
Image    Warren Powley enjoyed topiary, and cut fantastical shapes into the trees around Cedar Croft Motorcourt. He enjoyed creating unusual shapes, such as this "tuning fork", rather than regular or conventional designs. The two tall trees in the background can still be seen at the entrance to Appleby...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Lawn at Cedar Croft Motorcourt, 1965. 
Image    Cedar Croft comprised two adjoining businesses; Cedar Croft Cabins and Cedar Croft Motorcourt, both owned and operated by the Powley family. Cedar Croft, with it's green lawns and interesting topiary, was a landmark which people would watch for on the bus from Hamilton. The stone bridge and...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Star on the Lawn at Cedar Croft, 1965. 
Image    Elishia Powley was a member of the order of the Eastern Star, so her husband Sherman built her a star on the front lawn. The arch had a red lamp inside.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Driveway at Cedar Croft, 1965. 
Image    The bench in this photograph was made by Sherman G. Powley. Cedar Croft Cabins and Cedar Croft Motorcourt were sold to Appleby College in 1998, and torn down in order to make way for expansions to the school and grounds.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Two Men and a Baby 
Image    The baby is likely Jean McLaren, and the house is probably on Reynolds St in Oakville.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Mother and Child, Winter. 
Image    Likely at Reynolds St. in Oakville. The baby is probably Jean McLaren.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
The "Old Boy" and Baby 
Image    Man holding baby (likely Jean McLaren) on the porch of a house on Reynolds St. in Oakville. The back of the photo reads: "D~~ you know ~y differance (sic) for the old boy yet but the old dame would not come to the front door."
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Goup in Front of House on Reynolds St. 
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Young Woman on Porch 
Image    Young woman on the porch of what is likely the McLaren house on Reynolds St. in Oakville.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Postcard of Lusk Hall 
Image    "Lusk Hall" of the Methodist Church, Oakville, Ont. Text reads: Cornerstone laid July 11, 1923. Dedicated Nov 18, 1923. Named in memory of the late Dr. C.H. Lusk. Dimensions 71 x 80 ft. 14 class rooms, 4 club rooms, ladies' parlor, primary department, board room, gymnasium, kitchen,...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Postcard Showing the Town Park, Oakville. 
Image    Text on the back (in places difficult to make out) reads: Sunday afternoon. Just as I am writing this 2 fellows have been bathing out here were (sic) the x is & one went down. So the other went & dived down to get him he could not get him the first time. He dived a second time & saw him so...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Oakville Trafalgar High School, 1915. 
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
George Wettlaufer With Tractor, 1930's 
Image    Taken on the Wettlaufer farm on Burnhamthorpe Rd.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
The Upside Down Tree at Cedarcroft 
Image    This photo was taken in 1965, however the fanciful tree had already been in place for at least twenty years at that time.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Arch at Cedarcroft, 1965 
Image    Lakeshore Rd. is visible in the background.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
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