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Town report endorses Waterfront Study plans 
Text  "Town report endorses Waterfront Study plans," Oakville Journal Record, 6 Jan 1975  The town council will discuss a report covering the Halton Wentworth Waterfront Study. The report covers the Waterfront, land development, and transportation facilities along the Twelve and Sixteen Mile Creeks.
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Council affirms policy on lakefront land 
Text  "Council affirms policy on lakefront land," Oakville Journal Record, 24 Oct 1975  The town's policy to acquire a 50-foot wide lakefront property from a local developer has been confirmed.
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Grant clears war for harbor dredging project 
Text  David Whitaker, Grant clears war for harbor dredging project, "Grant clears war for harbor dredging project," Oakville Journal Record, 25 Aug 1976  Work can begin on dredging in the Oakville harbors after a federal government grant.
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Shoreline plan to cost $10M 
Text  "Shoreline plan to cost $10M," Oakville Journal Record, 12 Jun 1981  A project to develop the Oakville waterfront and protect against erosion - focusing on Bronte and Oakville harbors.
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Ontario group backs saving town landmark 
Text  "Ontario group backs saving town landmark," Oakville Journal Record, 2 Jan 1973  The Architectural Conservatory of Ontario adds the preservation of Oakville's Erchless Estate to this list of projects.
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Town has 3 weeks to act on Chisholm estate 
Text  Michael Shapcott, Town has 3 weeks to act on Chisholm estate, "Town has 3 weeks to act on Chisholm estate," Oakville Journal Record, 13 Apr 1977  The town council has 3 weeks to make an offer on the Erchless Estate before the property owner puts it up onto the open market.
Oakville Public Library
Col. Chisholm's home will be renovated at a cost of about $1 million 
Text  Ian Todd, Col. Chisholm's home will be renovated at a cost of about $1 million, "Col. Chisholm's home will be renovated at a cost of about $1 million," Oakville Journal Record, 1 Aug 1980  The renovation of the Erchless Estate is expected to span 8 years and cost taxpayer's $1 million.
Oakville Public Library
Erchless master plan to determine future 
Text  "Erchless master plan to determine future," Oakville Journal Record, 5 Jul 1978  Town council agrees to $33,500 master plan, which will develop a project outline for the Erchless restoration.
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Chisholm purchase approved 
Text  Cathy Hawkins, Chisholm purchase approved, "Chisholm purchase approved," Oakville Journal Record, 18 May 1977  Town council purchases the Chisholm estate and establishes a special committee to study possible uses.
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Chisholm Estate vital landmark Oakville told 
TextImage  "Chisholm Estate vital landmark Oakville told," Oakville Journal Record, 17 Jul 1972  "The Chisholm Estate property on the east bank of Sixteen Creek harbor is the home of Oakville's founding family. During recent years the town has been urged to purchase the Navy Street South property and preserve it as a historical landmark, as well as a point of community identity. The following...
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TextImage  Laura Malis, Erchless, "Erchless," Oakville Journal Record, 21 Oct 1977  Images of Oakville's Erchless Estates.
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30 Mar 1977 
Newspapers  30 Mar 1977,  
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8 Oct 1980 
Newspapers  8 Oct 1980,  
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George Cassian 
Text  "George Cassian," Oakville Journal Record, 23 Apr 1980 
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'I'm psychic,' he says 
Text  Michael Shapcott, 'I'm psychic,' he says, "'I'm psychic,' he says," Oakville Journal Record, 15 Jun 1977 
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Oakville's Dr. Norman Alcock will lead world peace plan 
TextImage  Ian Todd, Oakville's Dr. Norman Alcock will lead world peace plan, "Oakville's Dr. Norman Alcock will lead world peace plan," Oakville Journal Record, 19 Nov 1980 
Oakville Public Library
Halton's coat of arms is loaded with symbolism 
TextImage  "Halton's coat of arms is loaded with symbolism," Oakville Journal Record, 4 Oct 1974 
Oakville Public Library
Halton okays coat of arms 
ImageText  "Halton okays coat of arms," Oakville Journal Record, 4 Oct 1974 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville artist recieves recognition from CANSAVE 
TextImage  "Oakville artist recieves recognition from CANSAVE," Oakville Journal Record, 12 Nov 1973 
Oakville Public Library
Artist plans new series of historical drawings 
TextImage  "Artist plans new series of historical drawings," Oakville Journal Record, 26 Aug 1974 
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