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Juliet Chisholm standing with friend 
Image  1946  Juliet Chisholm with a friend identified as Edith Ziriax in China # 9 J.C. and Edith Ziriax ("Tex") Mid Feb. '46
Oakville Museum
Chinese woman 
Image  1946  Photograph taken by Juliet Chisholm during her stay in China; image may be of a refugee, or of a patient at the hospital where Juliet was stationed
Oakville Museum
Emelda and Hazel 
Image    Photograph of Emelda and Hazel Chisholm
Oakville Museum
Flora Matilda Chisholm 
Image    Flora Matilda Chisholm (1835-1918), known as 'Tilly' and wife of R.K (Robert Kerr) Chisholm
Oakville Museum
Emelda Chisholm 
Image  1914-1918  Emelda in nursing uniform; she served as a military nurse during both world wars for the United States
Oakville Museum
Juliet Chisholm 
Image  c. 1940's  Juliet Chisholm on the grounds of Erchless Estate
Oakville Museum
Nancy Hart in W.R.C.N.S 
Image  c. 1939-1945  Nancy Hart in military uniform of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
Oakville Museum
Agnes Forster 
Image  c. 1939-1945  Captain, Canadian Women's Army Corps. Donated by Oakville Historical Society.
Oakville Museum
Audrey Johnson, ambulance driver during Second World War 
Image  1942  Civil Defence Ambulance Driver in England, 1942. Worked with the Mobile Hospital in Banstead, Surrey from 1940 to 1944.
Oakville Museum
Gertrude Winter
Image  c. 1914-1918  Served in a military hospital in England 1914-1918. Married Lieutenant Leonard Bradford in England, 1919, and returned with him to Oakville.
Oakville Museum
Irene Bumby
Image  1939  Registered Nurse in England, worked "on relief" wherever needed, 1939-1944. Met Alvin Bumby during the war in 1942, married him, and came to Canada after the war.
Oakville Museum
National Civil Defence Safe Driving Award granted to Audrey Johnson by the Banstead Urban District Council, Britain. 
Image  c. 1942  Audrey Johnson was a Civil Defence Ambulance Driver in England, 1942. She worked with the Mobile Hospital in Banstead, Surrey from 1940-1944.
Oakville Museum
Rose Daikens 
ImageComments:  c. 1939-1945  Formerly Rose Cutmore. Employed at the "Small Arms" plant in Long Branch from early World War II until volunteering with the Royal Canadian Navy WRENs, in late 1942. Married to George W. (Bud) Daikens.
Oakville Museum
Margaret F. Huges
Image  c. 1939-1945  Sergeant, Washington, D.C.
Oakville Museum
Audrey Johnson
Image  1942  Civil Defence Ambulance Driver in England, 1942. Worked with the Mobile Hospital in Banstead, Surrey from 1940 to 1944.
Oakville Museum
Marie McDonald
Image  c. 1939-1945  Formerly Marie Lang. Leading Air Woman for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Met husband Malcolm McDonald while in the service and returned with him to Oakville following the war.
Oakville Museum
May Lothian
Image  c. 1942-1945  Nursing Officer from 1942 to 1945 with Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service. Moved to Oakville with her husband, Tom, in 1988.
Oakville Museum
Jane Burnet McGillivray
Image  c. 1939-1945  Ambulance driver, "Madly Mobile" with the Canadian Red Cross, attached to the British Red Cross, in England, 1945. Before (and after) going overseas, Jane was a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Jane moved to Oakville in 1951.
Oakville Museum
Eileen Newport
Image  c. 1942-1945  Lance Corporal with the Canadian Women's Army Corps. Stationed in Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal from 1942 to 1945.
Oakville Museum
Winnifred Price
Image  c. 1942-1946  Service number: W301968. Served in the Royal Canadian Air Force Womens' Division from January 1942 to February 1946. Entered as "general duties" and re-mustered to clerk.
Oakville Museum

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