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Soccer club rewards top student athletes with scholarships 
NewspapersText  "Soccer club rewards top student athletes with scholarships," Oakville Beaver, 2 Sep 2010, p. 25  OSC Scholarship Luncheon
Oakville Public Library
Pursuing their craft with determination 
TextImage  Howard Mozel, Pursuing their craft with determination, "Pursuing their craft with determination," Oakville Beaver, 9 Jan 1987 
Oakville Public Library
Scholarship winner an artistic storyteller 
TextImage  Howard Mozel, Scholarship winner an artistic storyteller, "Scholarship winner an artistic storyteller," Oakville Beaver, 25 Sept 1986 
Oakville Public Library
Walking for Drew 
NewspapersImageText  Ivanin, Michael, Walking for Drew, "Walking for Drew," Oakville Beaver, 9 Jun 2011, p. 8  Walk the Walk, Run or Skate and Musikfest
Oakville Public Library
All smiles 
NewspapersText  "All smiles," Oakville Beaver, 5 Apr 2012, p. 6  Carib Spring Fest Dinner and Dance
Oakville Public Library
Defenceman accepts offer from Holy Cross 
NewspapersImageText  "Defenceman accepts offer from Holy Cross," Oakville Beaver, 5 Nov 2010, p. 40 
Oakville Public Library
And the Performing Arts Challenge winners are... 
NewspapersImageText  "And the Performing Arts Challenge winners are...," Oakville Beaver, 1 Dec 2010, p. 29  Performing Arts Challenge; Addison Music Learning Centre Scholarship; Harmony Arts Academy Scholarship
Oakville Public Library
May Court scholarships a feather in their cap 
NewspapersImageText  "May Court scholarships a feather in their cap," Oakville Beaver, 4 Mar 2011, p. 12  Sixth Oakville's Cap & Gown Scholarship Program
Oakville Public Library
Musikfest added to Drew Hildebrand fundraising event 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Musikfest added to Drew Hildebrand fundraising event, "Musikfest added to Drew Hildebrand fundraising event," Oakville Beaver, 2 Jun 2011, p. 5  Drew Hildebrand 5 km Walk the Walk
Oakville Public Library
HIEC tips its hat to skilled trades employers 
NewspapersImageText  "HIEC tips its hat to skilled trades employers," Oakville Beaver, 17 Jun 2011, p. 21 
Oakville Public Library
Scholarship for employee: Scholastic support 
NewspapersImageText  "Scholarship for employee: Scholastic support," Oakville Beaver, 25 Aug 2011, p. 9 
Oakville Public Library
OSC hands out nine scholarship awards 
NewspapersText  "OSC hands out nine scholarship awards," Oakville Beaver, 2 Sep 2011, p. 24  OSC Scholarship Luncheon; James Bailie Memorial Scholarship
Oakville Public Library
Soccer scholars: award winners 
NewspapersImageText  "Soccer scholars: award winners," Oakville Beaver, 2 Sep 2011, p. 25  OSC Scholarship Luncheon
Oakville Public Library
Teen violinist wins scholarship 
NewspapersImageText  "Teen violinist wins scholarship," Oakville Beaver, 24 Jun 2011, p. 38  Marta Hidy Prize for Violin;
Oakville Public Library
Local teen to pursue basketball south of border: Hoop dreams 
NewspapersImageText  Kuiperij, Jon, Local teen to pursue basketball south of border: Hoop dreams, "Local teen to pursue basketball south of border: Hoop dreams," Oakville Beaver, 15 Jul 2011, p. 43 
Oakville Public Library
Thank you: for the support 
NewspapersImageText  "Thank you: for the support," Oakville Beaver, 11 Jan 2012, p. 11 
Oakville Public Library
DeSouza earns SRSL scholarship 
NewspapersImageText  Garbutt, Herb, DeSouza earns SRSL scholarship, "DeSouza earns SRSL scholarship," Oakville Beaver, 26 Aug 2011, p. 30 
Oakville Public Library
Orchestra awards teen musician 
NewspapersText  "Orchestra awards teen musician," Oakville Beaver, 9 Dec 2011, p. 39 
Oakville Public Library
Nine OSC products commit to NCAA soccer teams 
NewspapersImageText  Garbutt, Herb, Nine OSC products commit to NCAA soccer teams, "Nine OSC products commit to NCAA soccer teams," Oakville Beaver, 8 Feb 2012, p.17 cont'd p.19 
Oakville Public Library
Teen wins a scholarship worth $80,000 
NewspapersImageText  Roy, Brice, Teen wins a scholarship worth $80,000, "Teen wins a scholarship worth $80,000," Oakville Beaver, 4 May 2012, p. 38  Loran Scholarship; Simon's Tour of Positivity (STOP)
Oakville Public Library
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