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Town Park, Oakville, Ont., Canada 
Image  1913? 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Lakeside park, Oakville, Ont. by J.R.D. 
Image  1958? 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Lakeview park, canons from World War One 
ImageComments:  1920's,   Lakeview Park, with memorial canons from World War One; lighthouse is visible in the distance
Oakville Museum
Postcard Showing the Town Park, Oakville. 
Image    Text on the back (in places difficult to make out) reads: Sunday afternoon. Just as I am writing this 2 fellows have been bathing out here were (sic) the x is & one went down. So the other went & dived down to get him he could not get him the first time. He dived a second time & saw him so...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Hog's Back 
Image    Hog's Back, Oakville, Ont.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Lakeside Park, Oakville 
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Postcard of George's Square with Cenotaph, Oakville, Ontario, Canada 
ImageComments:    Black and white postcard of George's Square with the Cenotaph in Oakville. The postcard inscription names the Square incorrectly, a commonly made mistake. George's Square is bounded by Trafalgar Road on the west, Palmer Avenue on the north, Sumner Avenue on the south and Reynolds Street on the...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Town Park, Oakville, Ont., Canada 
Image    Painting of Town Park's waterfront view. Reverse Side Reads: Oakville, Feb. 21st, 1916 Dear Friend, Received your welcome card please to hear from you. I've had another party, when George came home we held it at my cousin's. We had a swell time. How about the picture haven't you had any taken yet?...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Lakeside Park, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. 
Image  unknown  Postcard depicting Lakeside Park in the summer Reverse Side Reads: Well dear here is an old picture of dear old Oakville Lakeside Park to show your friends where you came from. Don't forget the dear old town. Just a reminder we all miss you both. By the way I saw the by-pass you worked on when I...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
George's Square 
Image  1989,   George's Square located in Downtown Oakville.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Holyrood Park 
Image    Construction at Holyrood Park located south of St. Jude's cemetery in Oakville.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Hilan Bouis Playground 
Image  Oct 1980,   Children playing on the jungle-gym at Hilan Bouis playground.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Fireman's Park, Oakville 
Image  August 1973,   A picture of the gardens in Fireman's Park.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Navy Park, Oakville 
Image  July 1962,   A photograph of Navy Park in downtown Oakville.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
George's Square 
Image  August 1963,   A picture of the stone monument and gardens located in George's square in Oakville.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Oakville Parks Board 
Image  August 1961,   The Oakville Parks board property and building.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Art on the Green 
Image  1965,   A photograph of the art on display at the Art Society's art show.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Art on the Green 
Image  1965,   Art exhibits from the Art Society's "Art on the Green" art show.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Ardleigh Park, Oakville 
Image  Unknown,   Town sign for Arleigh Park located at 9th Line and Lakeshore Road.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Lion's Valley Day Camp 
Image  1960s,   Buses wait in the parking lot for the day camp children. Lion's Valley park is located on #5 Highway.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville

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