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Death notice of Robert Kerr Chisholm 
Image  1899  Death notice of Robert Kerr Chisholm "Robert Kerr Chisholm died on the morning of Monday, February 27th, 1899, in the 80th year of his age. Funeral from his late residence, Oakville, to the Town Cemetary, on Tuesday, Feb. 28th, at 3 o'clock p.m. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this...
Oakville Museum
"The Review", Buffalo, N.Y. April 17, 1903   "Prominent Niagare falls man dead" 
Image    Death notice for J.A. Chisholm in an American newspaper "Prominent Niagara Falls Man Dead...J.A. Chisholm Passes Away in Washington Home of Dread Typhoid Fever. ... (Special to THE REVIEW) NIAGARA FALLS, April 16--J.A. Chisholm, a member of the well-known firm of Chisholm, Scott & Co., of this...
Oakville Museum
Air Cadets 
Image    Photo cut from newspaper of three Oakville Air Cadets. On right is Bill Archibald, killed in November of 1941. Bill was the Son of the principal of OTHS, R.H. Archibald.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Memoriam Card for George H. Wilkinson 
Image    Died In Palermo, on Tuesday, November 28th, 1916 George H. Wilkinson In the 74th year of his age. The Funeral Services will be held at St. Luke's Church, Palermo, On Thursday Afternoon, Nov 30th, At Two o'clock, Interment in St. Luke's Cemetery, Palermo Friends and acquaintances will please...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
GEO (George) Wilkinson of Palermo, Dead 
Image    GEO Wilkinson of Palermo, Dead His mother was the first white woman born in the district. Grandmother fell prey to barbarous Indians. After a week's illness, Geo. H. Wilkinson died at his home on Dundas St, Palermo, yesterday morning in the 74th year of his age, cause of death being...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Death Card For Catharine Dennis, 1906 
Image    Died In Trafalgar, on Monday, January 8th, 1906 Catharine Dennis Beloved wife of Mr. Alexander Patterson, in her 61st year The funeral will take place from her late residence, lot 32, concession 2 NDS, Trafalgar on Thursday 11th inst, at 1:30 pm. Interment in Methodist Cemetery,...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Death Card for Alexander Patterson, 1922 
Image    Died At Bronte on Sunday, May 28th, 1922 Alexander Patterson Aged 81 years The Funeral Service will be held at the residence of his daughter Mrs. Wilkinson, on Tuesday afternoon 30th inst, at 2:30 o'clock. (standard time) Interment in Palermo Cemetery.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Cemetery Receipt to Joseph Oakley 
Image    Little is known of Joseph Oakley. He and his brothers came to Canada, Joseph to Grimsby, Ontario. Joseph had married in London, England and his wife, Frances Mary Dean came with him. The oldest son of Frances and Joseph, Joseph Howard, was born on November 15, 1818 in Grimsby. The family also...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
In Memoriam Card for Edward McCann 
Image    Died In Trafalgar, on Saturday, March 15, 1919 Edward McCann Sr In his 85th year The Funeral will take place at the residence of his son Edward McCann Jr, Omagh On Tuesday, 18th inst, at 1:30 PM Interment in Evergreen Cemetery, Milton
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
In Memoriam Card, for Herbert (Bert) McCann 
Image    Died At Omagh, on Sunday, July 11th, 1909 Herbert McCann in his 29th year Herbert died in a fire in his home. His baby died as well.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Inglehart Tombstone 
ImageText    Headstone of John Ezra Inglehart and his wife, Susanna (Oakley), in Palermo United Cemetery, Dundas Street at Old Bronte Road, Trafalgar Township. John Ezra Inglehart was the 8th child and 3rd son of John Peter Inglehart and Elizabeth "Betsy" Fisher. John married Susanna Oakley, his first...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Mary Lawrence (Mrs. Thomas Jull) 
Image    The Orangeville Banner, April 1904. Obituary; Mrs Thos. Jull. On Thursday, March 29th the death of Mrs. Thos. Jull, an old and highly respected resident of this town, took place at the home of her son, Mr. Orange Jull, 97 MacDonell Ave. Parkdale. Her demise occurred at the ripe age of 81...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Telegram 1897 
ImageText    Telegram sent to James Colton on August 18th, 1897, at 9:15 am. "Father and Mother killed crossing rail road funeral tomorrow forenoon" The farm of Jacob and Mary Ann Colton was at Munn's Corners, Concession 1, Lot 17. Jacob purchased it before his marriage in 1854. They had nine children.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Newspaper Clipping of Accidental Deaths of Jacob and Mary Ann Colton, 1897 
ImageText    Colton The Funeral Of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Colton will take place from their late residence Dundas St, Trafalgar, at 3:30 pm on Thursday, August 19th, 1897, to the town cemetery. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this intimation Mr and Mrs Colton were killed at the...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Emma Gilby Beside Her Father's Gravestone 
Image    Emily married Abner Abbey in 1884 in Grand Forks, N.D. Click on the "LeighLarson" link in this record for more information. Scroll further down the page for information on Emily and Abner. On headstone: illegible, John Gilby, Born Jan 9, 1812 Died Feb. 15, 1863
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Memoriam George Wright, Chief at Trafalgar Township Fire Dept. (1979) 
Image    "Former Chief Dead at 74" George Wright, a founding member of the Trafalgar Township Fire Department and its chief for 20 years, died recently at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. He was 74 years of age. Wright was appointed deputy chief of the department on its formation in 1939 and two...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Funeral card for Maria Deforest 
Image    "Died, In Milton, on Thursday, March 2nd, 1939, Maria Deforest, widow of the late John Albert Featherstone. Remains resting in C. R. Turner's funeral parlors until Saturday noon. Funeral from her late residence, Court St. on Saturday, March 4th, at 4 pm. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery, Milton."
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Funeral Card for James R. Ford 
Image    "Died, in Trafalgar, on Wednsday August 5th 1896, James R. Ford, Aged 72 years. Funeral from his late residence, Lot 2, Conc. 5, Trafalgar, on Friday, 7th inst, at 2 pm to Omagh Presbyterian Cemetery. Friends and acquaintances will please accept this invitation.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Funeral Card for John Albert Ford. 
Image    Died in Trafalgar Township on Friday, April 14th, 1939, John Albert Ford Beloved husband of Margaret Newell, in his 80th year. The funeral will take place from his late residence, Omagh, on Monday, April 17th, at 2 pm. Service in Omagh Presbyterian Church at 2:30 pm. Interment in Omagh...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Funeral Card for Mary Margaret Newell 
Image    Funeral Card for Mary Margaret Newell, widow of John Albert Ford, July 29 1953. Crossing the Bar Sunset and evening star And one clear call for me And may there be no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea Twilight and the evening bell And after that the dark And may there be no...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
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