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Oakville Centennial Luncheon and Concert 
Image  1957,   Radio statio C.H.W.O tape recording the concert.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Oakville Centennial Luncheon and Concert 
Image  1957,   Overall shot of the luncheon, facing the stage.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Oakville Centennial Luncheon and Concert 
Image  1957,   Overall shot of the luncheon from the stage.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Concert At Appleby 
NewspapersImage  "Concert At Appleby," Oakville Beaver, 9 Sep 2010, p. 6  Chapel Choir of Selwyn College,Cambridge University
Oakville Public Library
Christmas Concert 
NewspapersImageText  "Christmas Concert," Oakville Beaver, 10 Dec 2010, p. 1  Northern Express
Oakville Public Library
Ensemble ends Lent with Haydn's Seven Last Words 
NewspapersImageText  "Ensemble ends Lent with Haydn's Seven Last Words," Oakville Beaver, 28 Mar 2012, p. 17  Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ
Oakville Public Library
Steve Nease Editorial Cartoons: Carole Pope 
ImageText  1984  This is an image of one of Steve Nease's original drawings, held in the Steve Nease Editorial Cartoon Collection at the Oakville Public Library.
Oakville Public Library
On the downtown stage: free concert 
NewspapersImageText  "On the downtown stage: free concert," Oakville Beaver, 24 Sep 2010, p. 31 
Oakville Public Library
Concert in Time for the holidays 
NewspapersImageText  "Concert in Time for the holidays," Oakville Beaver, 3 Nov 2010, p. 22 
Oakville Public Library
Concert to help kids learn basketball skills 
NewspapersText  Kurek, Dominik, Concert to help kids learn basketball skills, "Concert to help kids learn basketball skills," Oakville Beaver, 19 Nov 2010, p. 26 
Oakville Public Library
Children's choir gets into Christmas spirit 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Children's choir gets into Christmas spirit, "Children's choir gets into Christmas spirit," Oakville Beaver, 3 Dec 2010, 32 cont'd on p33  The Frost Weather; Frosty Weather; Clothe-a-Chorister
Oakville Public Library
Tempus Christmas Concert 
NewspapersImageText  "Tempus Christmas Concert," Oakville Beaver, 24 Dec 2010, p. 27 
Oakville Public Library
AutoRickshaw blends Indian and western music 
NewspapersImageText  Azhar, Iqra, AutoRickshaw blends Indian and western music, "AutoRickshaw blends Indian and western music," Oakville Beaver, 9 Dec 2010, p. 11 
Oakville Public Library
Peace concert will launch anti-nuclear weapons campaign 
NewspapersImageText  "Peace concert will launch anti-nuclear weapons campaign," Oakville Beaver, 6 Jan 2011, 1 cont'd on p5  Oakville Concert for Peace
Oakville Public Library
Platinum Blonde show supports Big Brothers/Sisters 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Platinum Blonde show supports Big Brothers/Sisters, "Platinum Blonde show supports Big Brothers/Sisters," Oakville Beaver, 11 Feb 2011, p. 24 
Oakville Public Library
Musical delight: helping grieving kids 
NewspapersText  "Musical delight: helping grieving kids," Oakville Beaver, 29 Apr 2011, p. 42  Charity Music Night; Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children; Oakville Power Boat Club
Oakville Public Library
Welsh choral sounds: for KSM 
NewspapersImageText  "Welsh choral sounds: for KSM," Oakville Beaver, 4 May 2011, p. 29 
Oakville Public Library
Raising cystic fibrosis awareness 
NewspapersImageText  "Raising cystic fibrosis awareness," Oakville Beaver, 10 Jun 2011, p. 41 
Oakville Public Library
Cool Cats: Harmony Plus 
NewspapersImageText  McCusker, Peter C., Cool Cats: Harmony Plus, "Cool Cats: Harmony Plus," Oakville Beaver, 11 Jun 2005, p. 1  Coronation Park; Ye Olde Tyme Picnic
Oakville Public Library
Children's Choir presents season Finale concert 
NewspapersImageText  "Children's Choir presents season Finale concert," Oakville Beaver, 27 May 2011, p. 41 
Oakville Public Library
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