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Bronte Steam Mill 
Image    A black and white photograph of Bronte's Steam Mill, taken from across the harbour.
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Harbour 
Image    an early photograph of Bronte Harbour and original lighthouse.
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Pier 
Image    A photograph of men and women on Bronte Pier.
Bronte Historical Society
"Happy Crowd" Bronte Beach Park 
Image    a photograph showing a crowd of people gathered at Bronte Beach.
Bronte Historical Society
A day in Bronte 
Image    a photograph showing part of Bronte; a woman is walking in the foreground ; in the background there are parked cars as well as a carousel.
Bronte Historical Society
Motorboat races in Bronte 
Image    Motorboat races being held at Bronte beach.
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Harbour circa 1916 
Image  1916,   Bronte harbour around 1916. The Triller hotel is in the background. Belyea's shanty and boat "Agatha"
Bronte Historical Society
John Osborne, Commercial fisherman 
Image    John Osborne and son going out to fish in Lake Ontario aboard small boat.
Bronte Historical Society
Map of Bronte 
Image    an early map of Bronte showing street names.
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Post Office 
Image    The Bronte Post Office, after it had been restored and turned into an art gallery.
Bronte Historical Society
Drawing of original Bronte Lighthouse 
Image    a pen and ink drawing of the original Bronte lighthouse.
Bronte Historical Society
Lakeside Marketeria 
Image    The early days of Lakeside Marketeria. Owner and operator Bill Hill and his wife, Donna, stand in front.
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Fresh Air Home 
Image    a picture of the front of the Bronte Fresh Air Home
Bronte Historical Society
Children playing at Bronte Fresh Air Home 
Image    early photograph of children standing in a circle, playing, at the Bronte Fresh Air Home.
Bronte Historical Society
Children playing at Bronte Beach 
Image    A bunch of children play in the water at Bronte Beach.
Bronte Historical Society
Map of Bronte from the 1980s 
Image    A unique map of Bronte done in the 1980s.
Bronte Historical Society
"Sidney Mac" - Tugboat 
Image  1937,   A photograph of a tugboat named "Sidney Mac" docked in Bronte Harbour
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Steam Mill 
Image  1921,   A photograph of Bronte's Steam Mill taken out in the harbour.
Bronte Historical Society
View of Bronte Harbour 
Image    A view of Bronte Harbour, fishing shanties like the eastern bank. Taken by Ernie Belyea.
Bronte Historical Society
Bronte Harbour with fishing and pleasure craft. 
Image    a scene of boats docked in Bronte harbour.
Bronte Historical Society
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