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Harry Lees 
Image  ca 1986  Harry Lees looks through a scrap book while a staff member with Helping Hands (name unknown) looks on. The photo was taken at the Lees home on Maurice Drive.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
All you can read buffet 
NewspapersImageText  "All you can read buffet," Oakville Beaver, 15 Apr 2011, p. 1  Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale
Oakville Public Library
Author hits town 
NewspapersImageText  "Author hits town," Oakville Beaver, 29 Jul 2011, p. 28  Picnic In Pisticci
Oakville Public Library
Private Audience 
NewspapersImageText  Der-Garabedian, Steven, Private Audience, "Private Audience," Oakville Beaver, 26 Dec 2011, p. 33  Maclean,Ron Sr.
Oakville Public Library
So many books so little time 
NewspapersImageText  Howes, Nathan, So many books so little time, "So many books so little time," Oakville Beaver, 27 Aug 2010, p.1.contd on p.3. 
Oakville Public Library
Dressed to sell: open for business 
NewspapersImageText  "Dressed to sell: open for business," Oakville Beaver, 8 Sep 2010, p. 17 
Oakville Public Library
House of Cork built on solid foundation 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, House of Cork built on solid foundation, "House of Cork built on solid foundation," Oakville Beaver, 8 Oct 2010, p. 28  House of Cork; Henry Jelinek IV
Oakville Public Library
Inspired by Baby 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Inspired by Baby, "Inspired by Baby," Oakville Beaver, 13 Oct 2010, p. 30  Babies Are a Gift That ...; Joseph
Oakville Public Library
Book launch today 
NewspapersText  "Book launch today," Oakville Beaver, 29 Oct 2010, p. 19  A Time for Angels
Oakville Public Library
Bestselling parenting author at St. Mildred's 
NewspapersImageText  "Bestselling parenting author at St. Mildred's," Oakville Beaver, 29 Oct 2010, p. 31  Parenting and Teaching with Wit and Wisdom
Oakville Public Library
Photos from across the globe being given back 
NewspapersImageText  "Photos from across the globe being given back," Oakville Beaver, 5 Nov 2010, p. 31  Untitled; From The Field; One Small Flame: Kurt Hahn's Vision of Education; Movement in White; Governor Generals Medal; Aurora... On Target; Outward Bound: The Inward Odyssey
Oakville Public Library
Imagination sparks life 
NewspapersImageText  "Imagination sparks life," Oakville Beaver, 1 Dec 2010, p. 31  Faded
Oakville Public Library
Author, professor co-writes book on art of branding 
NewspapersImageText  Oreskovich, Carlie, Author, professor co-writes book on art of branding, "Author, professor co-writes book on art of branding," Oakville Beaver, 12 Jan 2011, p15 cont'd on p16  Jewish-Ukrainian Relations: Two Solitudes; China: Images of a Civilization; Affinity: Beyond Branding
Oakville Public Library
Teen author holds book signing 
NewspapersText  "Teen author holds book signing," Oakville Beaver, 1 Apr 2011, p. 33  Continuum
Oakville Public Library
Great items, service - at no cost 
NewspapersText  "Great items, service - at no cost," Oakville Beaver, 23 Sep 2011, p. 19 
Oakville Public Library
Chat with bestselling author 
NewspapersText  "Chat with bestselling author," Oakville Beaver, 18 May 2011, p. 24  Room
Oakville Public Library
Motorist hurt- books dumped 
NewspapersImageText  "Motorist hurt- books dumped," Oakville Beaver, 19 Aug 2011, p. 1 
Oakville Public Library
Author's comedy work goes no 2 on Amazon.ca best-seller list 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Author's comedy work goes no 2 on Amazon.ca best-seller list, "Author's comedy work goes no 2 on Amazon.ca best-seller list," Oakville Beaver, 14 Sep 2011, p.22 cont'd p.25  Rowena Through the Wall
Oakville Public Library
Book shows seven steps to turn ADD/ADHD into strengths 
NewspapersImageText  Howes, Nathan, Book shows seven steps to turn ADD/ADHD into strengths, "Book shows seven steps to turn ADD/ADHD into strengths," Oakville Beaver, 7 Jul 2011, p. 20  Attention Difference Disorder: How to Turn Your ADHD Child or Teen's Differences in to Strengths in 7 Simple Steps
Oakville Public Library
Author signs: Books for youth 
NewspapersImageText  "Author signs: Books for youth," Oakville Beaver, 15 Jul 2011, p. 38  Save Magic City
Oakville Public Library
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