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Bank of Toronto 
Image    Located at 166 Lakeshore Rd. E, the building once containing the Bank of Toronto was built in 1921. It was later amalgamated with the Dominion Bank becoming The Toronto-Dominion Bank. The land was originally part of Colonel William Chisholm's survey. Before the construction of the bank, Colonel...
Oakville Public Library
Steve Nease Editorial Cartoons: Times Aren't A-changing 
ImageText  1996,   This is an image of one of Steve Nease's original drawings, held in the Steve Nease Editorial Cartoon Collection at the Oakville Public Library.
Oakville Public Library
Gift giving 
NewspapersImageText  "Gift giving," Oakville Beaver, 22 Sep 2011, p. 21 
Oakville Public Library
Police searching for bank robbery suspects 
NewspapersText  "Police searching for bank robbery suspects," Oakville Beaver, 10 Aug 2012, p. 3 
Oakville Public Library
Halton-Peel: We've got a Judas among us 
Newspapers  "Halton-Peel: We've got a Judas among us," Daily Journal Record, 20 Oct 1967, p. 1 
Oakville Public Library
Halton-Peel beats back takeover bid 
Newspapers  "Halton-Peel beats back takeover bid," Daily Journal Record, 20 Oct 1967, p. 1 
Oakville Public Library
Security says H-P takeover gains ground 
Newspapers  "Security says H-P takeover gains ground," Daily Journal Record, 9 Sep 1967, p. 1 
Oakville Public Library
Trust firm fight 
Newspapers  "Trust firm fight," Daily Journal Record, 28 Aug 1967 
Oakville Public Library
Bid is made to takeover Halton-Peel 
Newspapers  "Bid is made to takeover Halton-Peel," Daily Journal Record, 26 Aug 1967 
Oakville Public Library
Halton-Peel share offer brought in $400,000 
Newspapers  "Halton-Peel share offer brought in $400,000," Daily Journal Record, 6 Dec 1967, p. 5 
Oakville Public Library
Excellent response to Halton-Peel offer 
Newspapers  "Excellent response to Halton-Peel offer," Daily Journal Record, 7 Nov 1967, p. 3 
Oakville Public Library
Halton-Peel Trust offers shareholders new deal 
Newspapers  "Halton-Peel Trust offers shareholders new deal," Daily Journal Record, 24 Oct 1967, p. 3 
Oakville Public Library
High Mortage Interest on New Housing Hits Young Couples Oak Bank Reports 
Newspapers  "High Mortage Interest on New Housing Hits Young Couples Oak Bank Reports," Daily Journal Record, 3 Feb 1968, p. 3 
Oakville Public Library
Most downtown Oak banks will stay open longer 
Newspapers  "Most downtown Oak banks will stay open longer," Daily Journal Record, 11 Dec 1967, p. 3 
Oakville Public Library
Man robbed while making ATM deposit 
NewspapersText  "Man robbed while making ATM deposit," Oakville Beaver, 1 Sep 2010, p. 2 
Oakville Public Library
Bank scene of robbery second time in a week 
NewspapersText  "Bank scene of robbery second time in a week," Oakville Beaver, 3 Sep 2010, p. 5 
Oakville Public Library
Grand opening act: now open 
NewspapersImageText  "Grand opening act: now open," Oakville Beaver, 24 Sep 2010, p. 10 
Oakville Public Library
Paperless winner: new car 
NewspapersImageText  "Paperless winner: new car," Oakville Beaver, 18 Feb 2011, p. 8  RBC's Go Paperless and Win Contest
Oakville Public Library
Carnival Day: sweet fundraiser 
NewspapersImageText  "Carnival Day: sweet fundraiser," Oakville Beaver, 13 Apr 2011, p. 1  Community Carnival Day; Birmingham Bank Bed Challenge; Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
Oakville Public Library
Away to the race: with bank beds 
NewspapersImageText  "Away to the race: with bank beds," Oakville Beaver, 4 May 2011, p. 18  2011 Birmingham Bank Bed Challenge; Birmingham Match
Oakville Public Library
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