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Cedar Croft, 1946. 
Image    "Cedar Croft" a buisness offering Cabin Rentals, was located on what are now the grounds of Appleby College in Oakville. The cabins were built one at a time by Sherman G. Powley, (1863-1946), beginning in 1925. This photo was hand-titnted, and was sent to the family by an American Tourist.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Goup in Front of House on Reynolds St. 
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Sorority Raises Money For Cancer 
Image    Forty members of Alpha Beta sorority were at Oakville Service stations, washing cars to raise money for Cancer Fund Campaign. Isabel Agnew, Wendy Milne, Valerie Wakelin, Jane Ovens, Janet Lees, and Sheena Craig.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Welcome Home to Our Boys, 1919, Colborne Street, Oakville 
ImageText  1919  2 photographs of Colborne Street decorated to welcome home the troops in 1919. A celebration of the end of World War I. Colborne Street, Oakville, is now Lakeshore Road. Welcome to Our Boys
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Public skating Rink and Dance Hall (Victoria Hall) Oakville 
Image    Public skating Rink and Dance Hall (Victoria Hall) Oakville
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Colborne St., Oakville, Ont. 
ImageMysteries:  1528  An artist's rendering of Colborne Street in Oakville.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Bank of Toronto 
Image    Located at 166 Lakeshore Rd. E, the building once containing the Bank of Toronto was built in 1921. It was later amalgamated with the Dominion Bank becoming The Toronto-Dominion Bank. The land was originally part of Colonel William Chisholm's survey. Before the construction of the bank, Colonel...
Oakville Public Library
Time for a Picnic 
Image  ca 1925,   Pictured from left to right are: Jim Davis, W.S. Davis, John Douglas 'Dud' Davis, Isabel Langmuir, Margaret 'Peg' Langmuir, Agnes Cavers Davis and Marie Cavers Langmuir.
Oakville Public Library
A McLaughlin-Buick 
Image  ca 1925,   Located at the foot of Trafalgar Road was the summer home of the Langmuir family, Ed and wife Marie along with children Peg, Isabel, Janet and Grace. In the driveway sits a McLauglin-Buick. Reverse-Oakville McLaughlin Buick
Oakville Public Library
Parade on Main Street 
Image  1908,   The parade route was along Main Street, or Colborne Street as it was also known. It was later renamed Lakeshore Road. Main Street Parade Oakville 1908
Oakville Public Library
Classic Car Show 
ImageMysteries:  August 1979,   A classic car on display.
Oakville Public Library
Classic Car Show 
Image  August 1979,   Classic car enthusiasts show off their cars at the Oakville Civic Holiday Celebration car show.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Classic Car Show 
ImageMysteries:  August 1979,   A classic car on display at the Oakville Civic Holiday Celebration car show.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Classic Car Show 
Image  August 1979,   Line-up of cars being showed at the Oakville Civic Holiday Celebration car show.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Classic Car show 
Image  August 1979,   Classic cars on display at the Oakville Civic Holiday Celebration car show.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
7th Line (Trafalgar Road) 
Image  1964,   A photograph capturing the southern view of 7th Line, south of the QEW in the early 1960s
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Kerr Street Merchants 
Image  1957,   A view of the shops along the west side of Kerr St in the later 1950s. Stores include Greystone Restaurant, Murray's Scotch Bakery and Kerr St. Hardware
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Marriage of David John McArthur and Barbara Anderson Daniel 
Image  June 21, 1958,   Barbara and David John (in his Legion Pipe Band regalia) passing Roberstson's Esso Station in their wedding chariot.
Oakville Public Library
Kerr Street North from Deane Ave 
Image  April 8 1957,   A view of Kerr Street, north of Deane Ave.
Oakville Public Library
Kerr Street North from MacDonald 
Image  April 8 1957,   A street-view of Kerr Street, taken from north of MacDonald Ave.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville

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