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Esther Demeny 
Image  1978,   Portraits taken of Esther Demeny at Oakville Public Library.
Oakville Public Library
Visual Arts 
NewspapersImageText  "Visual Arts," Oakville Beaver, 17 Sep 2010, p. 31  Beach Interpretation;
Oakville Public Library
Artistic inspiration of Bronte 
NewspapersImageText  Ivanin, Michael, Artistic inspiration of Bronte, "Artistic inspiration of Bronte," Oakville Beaver, 27 May 2011, p. 42  Sovereign House; Bronte through artists eyes
Oakville Public Library
What a sunny Day 
NewspapersImage  Ivanin, Michael, What a sunny Day, "What a sunny Day," Oakville Beaver, 3 Aug 2011, p. 20  At art in the park; Civic Holiday
Oakville Public Library
Long-time artist tries something new, self nudes 
NewspapersText  Oreskovich, Carlie, Long-time artist tries something new, self nudes, "Long-time artist tries something new, self nudes," Oakville Beaver, 1 Sep 2010, p.28 cont'd p.29 
Oakville Public Library
Art exhibit in Bronte 
NewspapersText  "Art exhibit in Bronte," Oakville Beaver, 8 Oct 2010, p. 29 
Oakville Public Library
Art and architecture: a love story 
NewspapersImageText  "Art and architecture: a love story," Oakville Beaver, 24 Sep 2010, p. 30  A Love Story
Oakville Public Library
Connecting the community 
NewspapersImageText  "Connecting the community," Oakville Beaver, 7 Oct 2010, p. 18  Empty Bowls; Souper Bowl IV
Oakville Public Library
Expressions in Art opens Nov.5 
NewspapersText  "Expressions in Art opens Nov.5," Oakville Beaver, 29 Oct 2010, p. 32 
Oakville Public Library
Artist honoured for her work 
NewspapersImageText  "Artist honoured for her work," Oakville Beaver, 17 Nov 2010, p. 22  Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award
Oakville Public Library
Christmas of past, present and future on display 
NewspapersImageText  "Christmas of past, present and future on display," Oakville Beaver, 1 Dec 2010, p. 30  A Christmas Celebration, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Oakville Public Library
Native art has come and gone 
NewspapersImageText  "Native art has come and gone," Oakville Beaver, 4 Feb 2011, p. 25 
Oakville Public Library
Portraits of Honour to stop in Oakville 
NewspapersImageText  "Portraits of Honour to stop in Oakville," Oakville Beaver, 10 Jun 2011, p. 25  For Excellence; Portraits of Honour National Tour
Oakville Public Library
Final show for high school students 
NewspapersImageText  "Final show for high school students," Oakville Beaver, 15 Jun 2011, p. 33  Grade 12 Art Show
Oakville Public Library
End of year art show: at Iroquois Ridge 
NewspapersImageText  "End of year art show: at Iroquois Ridge," Oakville Beaver, 6 Jul 2011, p. 17 
Oakville Public Library
Native artist shows work: at Artspace 
NewspapersImageText  "Native artist shows work: at Artspace," Oakville Beaver, 13 Jul 2011, p. 16  The Seven Fallen Feathers exhibit
Oakville Public Library
Students host art exhibit 
NewspapersImageText  "Students host art exhibit," Oakville Beaver, 27 Jul 2011, p. 15  The Space Between
Oakville Public Library
For young artists: a helping hand 
NewspapersImageText  "For young artists: a helping hand," Oakville Beaver, 25 Aug 2011, p. 16  Ki Drive Change
Oakville Public Library
Murals help Palermo students 'discover' the old town 
NewspapersImageText  Kurek, Dominik, Murals help Palermo students 'discover' the old town, "Murals help Palermo students 'discover' the old town," Oakville Beaver, 8 Jul 2011, p. 11 
Oakville Public Library
Artist releases fourth painting of Oakville series 
NewspapersImageText  "Artist releases fourth painting of Oakville series," Oakville Beaver, 2 Sep 2011, p. 21  My Town; My Home Town; Our Town; Down Town
Oakville Public Library
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