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New show for 'unpredictable' artist 
TextImage  Jane Wallace, New show for 'unpredictable' artist, "New show for 'unpredictable' artist," Daily Journal Record, 15 Oct 1970 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville sketches 
TextImage  George McElroy, Oakville sketches, "Oakville sketches," Daily Journal Record, 18 Mar 1972 
Oakville Public Library
A pleasant lesson in Oakville's history 
TextImage  Agnes McKenna, A pleasant lesson in Oakville's history, "A pleasant lesson in Oakville's history," Daily Journal Record, 22 Jul 1974 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville artist recieves recognition from CANSAVE 
TextImage  "Oakville artist recieves recognition from CANSAVE," Oakville Journal Record, 12 Nov 1973 
Oakville Public Library
Artist plans new series of historical drawings 
TextImage  "Artist plans new series of historical drawings," Oakville Journal Record, 26 Aug 1974 
Oakville Public Library
George McElroy 
ImageText  "George McElroy," Daily Journal Record, 22 Feb 1973 
Oakville Public Library
Success surprises artist 
Text  Agnes McKenna, Success surprises artist, "Success surprises artist," Daily Journal Record, 26 Sept 1973 
Oakville Public Library
A versatile artist of many moods 
TextImage  "A versatile artist of many moods," Oakville Journal Record, 16 Oct 1974 
Oakville Public Library
Artist gives the gift of long life to old paintings 
TextImage  Agnes McKenna, Artist gives the gift of long life to old paintings, "Artist gives the gift of long life to old paintings," Daily Journal Record, 4 Aug 1976 
Oakville Public Library
Downing the artist 
TextImage  "Downing the artist," Daily Journal Record, 3 Jul 1969 
Oakville Public Library
David Newman 
Text  "David Newman," Daily Journal Record, 15 Nov 1965 
Oakville Public Library
Group supports artists 
Text  "Group supports artists," Oakville Journal Record, 31 Jan 1973 
Oakville Public Library
Portrait of a generous artist 
TextImage  Agnes McKenna, Portrait of a generous artist, "Portrait of a generous artist," Daily Journal Record, 24 Oct 1970 
Oakville Public Library
Gallery display: A sculptor's medley 
TextImage  Sherry Cecil, Gallery display: A sculptor's medley, "Gallery display: A sculptor's medley," Oakville Journal Record, 8 Aug 1975 
Oakville Public Library
Carving her name in wood 
TextImage  Sherry Cecil, Carving her name in wood, "Carving her name in wood," Daily Journal Record, 11 Sept 1974 
Oakville Public Library
An Oakville nomad's life in pictures 
TextImage  Linwood Barclay, An Oakville nomad's life in pictures, "An Oakville nomad's life in pictures," Oakville Journal Record, 11 Jul 1980 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville artist opens exhibition at Centre 
Text  "Oakville artist opens exhibition at Centre," Daily Journal Record, 23 Jan 1971 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville artist designs Save the Children card
TextImage  Peter Martin, Oakville artist designs Save the Children card , "Oakville artist designs Save the Children card ," Oakville Journal Record, 15 Nov 1978 
Oakville Public Library
The Oakville Group finds new home
TextImage  Linda Jacobs, The Oakville Group finds new home , "The Oakville Group finds new home ," Oakville Journal Record, 19 Jan 1976 
Oakville Public Library
Demeny show at Woodside library
TextImage  Murray Belford, Demeny show at Woodside library , "Demeny show at Woodside library ," Daily Journal Record, 9 Apr 1964 
Oakville Public Library
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