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Queen Elizabeth Highway and Bridge, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1940s? 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Methodist Church, Oakville, Ont., Canada. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1920s?  This church became St. John's United Church in 1925 after the formation of the United Church of Canada from a union of Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. Many members of Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville, including the minister, left to join the new United church.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville: interior. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1890-1920? 
Oakville Public Library
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville: exterior. 
Oakville Public Library
Mr. Coutts? 
Oakville Public Library
Rev. MacMillan and... 
Oakville Public Library
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville: engraving. 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville, Ontario, Canada: Relaxing in the sun is wonderful. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1950s? 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Oakville resident Mrs. Marlatt displays ship's bell and chronometer 
ImageMysteries:    HMCS Oakville's bell and chronometer November 5, 1941
Oakville Museum
James Kelley 
ImageMysteries:    James Kelley Sr. was the first of the Kelley family to settle in the Oakville area. While "Kelley" may appear to be an Irish name, it is in fact a corruption of "MacKelley", and the family can be traced to Southern Scotland. James was born in Wentworth County on February 11th, 1848, and moved to...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Eliza (Ribble) Kelley 
ImageMysteries:    Born November 9th, 1826, daughter of William Ribble and Susan barnes. She is of old German background. James and Eliza had 10 children, two of whom were twin girls. Eliza died Feb 5th, 1901, in Oakville, cause of death "septic poisoning".
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Susan Kelley Williams 
ImageMysteries:    Eldest child of James Kelley and Eliza Ribble, Susan was born on July 30th, 1849, and died January 21st, 1893. She married Captain Daniel Williams, a sailor, on June 26th, 1869. They had one child, James Edgar, who died of Cholera aged 1 year 5 months.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Peter Kelley 
ImageMysteries:    Born Feb 9th, 1856, died June 4th, 1943. Eldest surviving son of James Kelley and Eliza Ribble. (Their first son, James, died at age 8). Owned the furniture store at the corner of Lakeshore (then Colborne St.) and Dunn. Peter married Catherine Hewitt, granddaughter of Duncan Milloy, builder...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Colborne St., Oakville, Ont. 
ImageMysteries:  1528  An artist's rendering of Colborne Street in Oakville.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Postcard: Radial Bridge and Public School, Oakville, Ont., Canada 
ImageMysteries:  unknown  Depiction of the Radial Bridge in Oakville, with one of Oakville's public schools in the background. The Hamilton Radial Railway operated between Hamilton and Oakville and the tracks ran along what is now Rebecca Street. The Anderson Bridge replaced the Radial bridge in the early 1960s. The...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
St. Jude's Rectory, Oakville, Ont. 
ImageMysteries:  unknown  Photograph of the front of St. Jude's Rectory.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
St. Mary's Cemetery Monument for "PRIVATES W. RAYBOULD, R. BOOCOCK, W. CONDOR, J. H. DICK". 
ImageComments:Mysteries:    The gravestone has the inscription on one side only, which reads as follows: DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE FOR FREEDOM AND HONOR 1914 - 1918 PRIVATES W. RAYBOULD R. BOOCOCK W. CONDOR J. H. DICK ERECTED IN GRATEFUL MEMORY BY FELLOW WORKERS AND EMPLOYERS As at January 2011, the City Manager, Harbours and...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Children Canoeing 
ImageMysteries:    Children playing in canoes
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
Archery Practice 
ImageMysteries:    Children and adults practice archery during recreational program.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville
A Trip Back in Time 
ImageMysteries:  Aug 1980,   Children watching a skit depicting the 1950s.
Oakville Public LibraryTown of Oakville

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