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Wynford Drive groundbreaking: now the national office of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 50 Wynford Drive, Toronto. 
ImageComments:  June 5, 1965  In the foreground, Rev. J. Alan Munro, Moderator of the 1965 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and Dr. J.W. Wevers, chairman of the Administrative Council. In the background are, Rev. E. Thompson, secretary of the Administrative Council and Joint Clerk of the Assembly, Rev. L....
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Kindergarten class. 
ImageComments:  1965?  Helen Goggin with a pupil.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Queen Elizabeth Highway and Bridge, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1940s? 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Serving communion, Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville. 
ImageComments:  c1970  Middle row: Mr. Redshaw, Alan and Lorraine, Mrs. Don Carman (Irene), Andrea Carman.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Methodist Church, Oakville, Ont., Canada. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1920s?  This church became St. John's United Church in 1925 after the formation of the United Church of Canada from a union of Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. Many members of Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville, including the minister, left to join the new United church.
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Home of Cecil G. Marlatt, 43 Dunn Street, 1888. 
Oakville Public Library
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville: interior. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1890-1920? 
Oakville Public Library
Captain George Hardy Morden. 
ImageComments:    The Mordens are one of the 37 families represented on the promissory note signed 1887 for the building of the present church. Captain George Hardy Morden was the founder of the Morden Line of steam ships that transported lumber on the Great Lakes.
Oakville Public Library
Mrs. James (Jessie) Munro. 
ImageComments:    Wife of Reverend James Munro. First woman to graduate from the University of Manitoba.
Oakville Public Library
Reverend R. Campbell Taylor and ... 
Oakville Public Library
Oakville, Ontario, Canada: Relaxing in the sun is wonderful. 
ImageComments:Mysteries:  1950s? 
Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville
Mount Vernon 
ImageComments:    Mount Vernon, the residence of Matilda Chisholm and her family prior to it burning down
Oakville Museum
Lakeview park, canons from World War One 
ImageComments:  1920's,   Lakeview Park, with memorial canons from World War One; lighthouse is visible in the distance
Oakville Museum
Remembrance Day 2005, George's Square, Oakville 
ImageComments:  11 Nov 2005  From right to left standing between Lorne Scots personnel are Major Rolf Guenther (Salvation Army); Douglas Bramer (Legion Padre); Bill Shields, saluting (Poppy Chairman, The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 114); Mark Andrews, saluting (President, The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 114); Shirley...
Oakville Museum
Three HMCS OAKVILLE sailors on ship 
ImageComments:    Photograph Three HMCS sailors on ship; Leading Signalman Gordon Ballinger, St. Lambert, Que. Coder Jack Ward, Calgary Alta. Coder Albert Baer, Fort William, Ont.
Oakville Museum
HMCS Oakville's Christening Parade - Oakville and Trafalgar Civil Guard 
Oakville Museum
Oakville High School Honour Roll 1939-1945 
ImageComments:  c. 1946  The Honour Roll commemorates Oakville servicemen William Archibald; Edward Ashbury; George Atkins; James Bedlington; Patrick Blackham; Lorne Bray; Nat. Buchanan; Roland Montgomery Bull; Ralph Emerson Featherstone; Arthur Butler; Jackson Cook; Richard Dowding; Laurie Dynes; Harry P. Farr; Bruce...
Oakville Museum
Oakville Centennial Parade, 1867-1967, Kerr Street. 
ImageTextComments:  July 1967  Board of Education float in the July 1, 1967 celebration parade for Canada's Centennial. The float is going south, just at the intersection of Kerr Street and Elmwood Drive. Float: The Board of Education for the Town of Oakville. 1867 - 1967 One Hundred Years of Progress. Oakville Board of...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Oakville Centennial Parade, 1867-1967, Kerr Street. 
ImageTextComments:  July 1967  A parade to celebrate Canada's Centennial years, 1867-1967 on July 1, 1967. The photograph was taken on Kerr St., Oakville, looking west across Kerr St. to the Elmwood Street intersection. Morris dancers take a moment to perform.
Trafalgar Township Historical Society
Oakville Centennial Parade, 1867-1967, Kerr Street. 
ImageTextComments:  1967  English double decker bus in Oakville's July 1, 1967 parade celebrating Canada's 1867-1967 Centennial year. The photograph was taken just as the bus was at the intersection of Kerr Street and Elmwood Drive. On bus: More to enjoy Evening News. Reading Thames Vally A69. So much more to enjoy...
Trafalgar Township Historical Society

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