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Sunningdale adopts new school motto 
NewspapersText  Nam, Jiyu, Sunningdale adopts new school motto, "Sunningdale adopts new school motto," Oakville Beaver, 20 Jan 2012, p. 15  Kids Speak Out School News; Right to Play
Oakville Public Library
Bike rodeo: for safety 
NewspapersImageText  "Bike rodeo: for safety," Oakville Beaver, 15 Jun 2012, p. 13 
Oakville Public Library
Sunningdale carnival 
Newspapers  "Sunningdale carnival," Oakville Beaver, 13 Mar 2004, p. 21  Bonhomme Includes photograph.
Oakville Public Library
Grounds for learning: greening of Sunningdale 
Newspapers  "Grounds for learning: greening of Sunningdale," Oakville Beaver, 21 May 2005, p. 15  Sunningdale's Dreamacres; Dreamacres; Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Sunningdale sings 
Newspapers  "Sunningdale sings," Oakville Beaver, 23 Apr 2008, p. 13 
Oakville Public Library
Half century of schooling: at Sunningdale 
NewspapersImageText  "Half century of schooling: at Sunningdale," Oakville Beaver, 13 May 2011, p. 11 
Oakville Public Library
Pass it on: Collier meet 
NewspapersImageText  "Pass it on: Collier meet," Oakville Beaver, 31 May 2012, p. 23  Halton District School Board's Collier elementary track and field meet
Oakville Public Library
Safety first 
Newspapers  "Safety first," Oakville Beaver, 8 May 2002, A1  Bike Safety Rodeo Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Youths see what world could be 
Newspapers  "Youths see what world could be," Oakville Beaver, 8 Jun 2007, p. 13  Dreamacres; Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Program Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Dreamacres isn't what it used to be: surveying the aftermath 
Newspapers  "Dreamacres isn't what it used to be: surveying the aftermath," Oakville Beaver, 21 Jul 2007, p. 1  Dreamacres Includes photograph.
Oakville Public Library
Sunningdale garden gone 
Newspapers  "Sunningdale garden gone," Oakville Beaver, 21 Jul 2007, 4, 5, 7, 8  Dreamacres Naturalization; Friends of Dreamacres Includes photographs.
Oakville Public Library
'I thought that I had died': Eight-year-old recovering from stroke 
Newspapers  "'I thought that I had died': Eight-year-old recovering from stroke," Oakville Beaver, 13 Feb 2008, 1, 22, 24  I can and will do anything
Oakville Public Library
Local schools set relay records 
Newspapers  "Local schools set relay records," Oakville Beaver, 14 May 2009, p. 18  Halton District School Board's senior relay meet; Harker senior relay meet
Oakville Public Library
Now you see it, now you don't: magic man 
Newspapers  "Now you see it, now you don't: magic man," Oakville Beaver, 5 Jun 2009, p. 29  Mystical Mark-O Includes photograph.
Oakville Public Library
Newspapers  "EcoCelebration," Oakville Beaver, 16 Oct 2009, p. 4  Halton Student EcoCelebration
Oakville Public Library
Students do teachers, and Terry, proud 
NewspapersImageText  Young, Andrea, "Students do teachers, and Terry, proud," Oakville Beaver, 31 Oct 2013, p. 6 
Oakville Public Library
Banner year for vocalist 
Newspapers  "Banner year for vocalist," Oakville Beaver, 8 Jun 2001, p. 32  Toronto Kiwanis Festival ; Hamilton Kiwanis Festival ; Junior Vocal Finals Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
That's the spirit 
Newspapers  "That's the spirit," Oakville Beaver, 17 Feb 2010, p. 1  Winter Olympics
Oakville Public Library
Skateboarder youngest Canuck at international meet 
NewspapersImageText  "Skateboarder youngest Canuck at international meet," Oakville Beaver, 13 Jun 2013, p. 31  King of the Groms
Oakville Public Library
Giving it all they've got 
NewspapersImageText  "Giving it all they've got," Oakville Beaver, 24 Jun 2011, p. 41  Elementary Gapes Relay Meet
Oakville Public Library
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