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Computer lab dedicated 
Newspapers  "Computer lab dedicated," Oakville Beaver, 19 Jan 1994, p. 3  Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Trekking through Nepal 
Newspapers  "Trekking through Nepal," Oakville Beaver, 14 Apr 1999, B1  Includes photographs.
Oakville Public Library
MacLachlan College: Silver Jubilee 
Newspapers  "MacLachlan College: Silver Jubilee," Oakville Beaver, 28 Feb 2003, 24, 25  Celebrating 25 Years - 1978-2003 Includes photographs
Oakville Public Library
McLachlan sees the glass being half full 
Newspapers  "McLachlan sees the glass being half full," Oakville Beaver, 28 Jan 2005, p. 15  Kids Speak Out: School News
Oakville Public Library
Author visits school to encourage reading 
Newspapers  "Author visits school to encourage reading," Oakville Beaver, 28 May 2004  Kids speak out: school news; Silver Birch Reading Program; The Deep End Gang; A Circle in Time; Sky Lake Summer; Help Wanted: Wednesdays Only; Finding My Own Way; The Movie Yeats
Oakville Public Library
Old-fashioned romance 
Newspapers  "Old-fashioned romance," Oakville Beaver, 18 Feb 2005, p. 9  Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Challenging robotics: check it out 
Newspapers  "Challenging robotics: check it out," Oakville Beaver, 6 May 2005, p. 15  ...MacLachlan College Everest Centre Robotics Challenge-Young Entrepreneurs programme Includes photograpah...
Oakville Public Library
Faces of the future: Kevin Smith 
Newspapers  "Faces of the future: Kevin Smith," Oakville Beaver, 30 Jul 2003, D2  Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Looking ahead to the new year 
Newspapers  "Looking ahead to the new year," Oakville Beaver, 10 Jan 2004, p. 15  Kids speak out
Oakville Public Library
Art meets science 
Newspapers  "Art meets science," Oakville Beaver, 14 Apr 2007, p. 1  Arrts, Science and Technology Festival
Oakville Public Library
MacLachlan College introducing International Baccalaureate Programme 
Newspapers  "MacLachlan College introducing International Baccalaureate Programme," Oakville Beaver, 1 Dec 2007, p. 23  International Baccalaureate Programme
Oakville Public Library
Trips develop skills, confidence 
Newspapers  "Trips develop skills, confidence," Oakville Beaver, 5 Dec 2003, p. 21  Duke of Edinburgh Award; International Award for Young People
Oakville Public Library
'Debating at MacLachlan College gives students courage to step outside comfort zone' 
Newspapers  "'Debating at MacLachlan College gives students courage to step outside comfort zone'," Oakville Beaver, 28 Nov 2003, p. 23  Fulford League, OSUD; Nora McRae Public Speaking Competition
Oakville Public Library
MacLachlan College: Class of 2008 
Newspapers  "MacLachlan College: Class of 2008 ," Oakville Beaver, 5 Jul 2008, p. 7 
Oakville Public Library
Free thinkers hold key to future advancement 
Newspapers  "Free thinkers hold key to future advancement," Oakville Beaver, 27 Feb 2009, p. 16  Kids Speak Out School News
Oakville Public Library
New field: let the playing begin 
Newspapers  "New field: let the playing begin," Oakville Beaver, 23 Sep 2009, p. 39  Includes photograph.
Oakville Public Library
Dressing up: for a good cause 
NewspapersImageText  "Dressing up: for a good cause," Oakville Beaver, 25 Jan 2012, p. 12  ...Build-a-School, Change-a-Life campaign; MacLachlan College Educational Foundation...
Oakville Public Library
MacLachlan College celebrates 25 years of excellence: Tradition and vision recipe for success 
Newspapers  "MacLachlan College celebrates 25 years of excellence: Tradition and vision recipe for success," Oakville Beaver, 12 Feb 2003, A2  Where Tradition and Vision Meet Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
Spelling relief for Red Cross 
Newspapers  "Spelling relief for Red Cross," Oakville Beaver, 22 Mar 2002, p. 17  Spell-A-Thon Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
UNICEF does double-take over MacLachlan's $38,080 cheque 
Newspapers  "UNICEF does double-take over MacLachlan's $38,080 cheque," Oakville Beaver, 12 Jan 2005, A3  UNICEF for tsunami relief Includes photograph
Oakville Public Library
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