Hugh S. Calverley - A Man at War...
Evacuation of Gallipoli
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Newspaper Clipping c. Jan 1916?
Lieu. Calverley Describes Evacuation of Gallipoli

Newspaper Clipping – January 9 Not a Man Left on Gallipoli

Letter – I am out on Babbacombe Beach – May 19, 1915

33/54 2nd force Amb, 1st Contingent BEF
Hospital Torquay Devonshire, Seale

Dear Mrs Calverley

I am out on Babbacombe Beach for a little stroll and am also enjoying the prettiest views in all of England they tell me. You can’t imagine how surprised I was the other morning when Hugh walked in to the hospital. I don’t think that I ever saw Hugh looking so well. He is the very picture of health itself and seems to have added an inch or two in his height. I am sure you would have been very proud had you seen him in his officer’s togs. They become him and he seemed right at home in them. We had a good time of it that day strolling along the beach and reviewing all the old adventuring we had at Trinity and the West.

The Allemagne gave me a little present, the size of a piece of a candy. It is about better now though, and I should be soon back at the front again. The Canadians got a frightful cutting up in the scrap but their name is made now.

Hugh was bound that I would send you this little brassard which I am mailing today. All the ambulance men wear these, and it followed me round France and Belgium for a couple of months, and through Ypres. I hope you won’t mind the dirt on it. Hugh was bound that I should not wash it. He said that was the best part of it. Am sending also a first aid bandage that was the front and would tell quite a story had it a tongue. Every soldier carries two of these in a special pocket in his tunic. This particular one was carried by a Q.O.R man from Toronto.

Well it is time to close. I do hope that the family is all well and give them my best wishes. Goodbye

Yours Seale

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