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WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
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Letter – We are in a rest galley – October 11, 1915
RMS Franconia scratched out, 5th Essex

Dear Mum

We are in a rest gulley and have a good time. We put up our dugout yesterday and it rained in the morning. We kept dry, so I undressed quite the first time since I landed, and bathed in the rain all over with soap. Then I got into pajamas and went fast asleep till lunchtime. It was heaven being washed and comfy again.

I have got my rations here, lots of books and my things, (which I like). We have to parade for an hour a day and the men do some cutting wood at night. The trenches are wonderful. Up and down, through tunnels, and by little posts with a few men, telephone wires all along, and side paths leading everywhere.

The country is very hilly, made up of gullies and hills and round hills in between. The hills have mostly scrubby prickly oak and some other scrub plants, olives near the wells, and some fir trees. I have Gray with me, an Essex solicitor who is very keen on birds and a very good sort too, very quiet.

There are plenty of birds round here: wild fowl, small birds, eagles and storks, flocks of them with white and red bills. I am trying to make out what the different plants are round here. We are not bothered with creepy crawlies here at all.

I have got some “hives” from eating too much meat and too little veggies. The food and water are good and plentiful. I am very well here, and wear a wooley round my middle to prevent over much running to and fro. The officers of the 5th are a good lot. We have Colvin for a Captain. He was a school master and then a padre in the slums before the war. He had been in France with the . . . last winter and had a devil of a time when they first landed in Salon Bay. Very careful of his men, always looking after their safety and insides. There are about …in the coy.

Yours Hugh

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