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WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Letter - This was the guard boat – no date

PC HMS Diana

This was the guard boat on the left front of the columns. Notice the guns peeping out of the side of the boat. We had the Talbot, Charybick, Diana and Essex round us. The Icon and Glory on the flanks.

Letter – Got stung today – September 28, 1915

Dear Mum

Got stung today. Every day we have boat drill and wait around till the dismissal. No roll call till today. Some of us were nicely sitting town in the entrance waiting for the word when suddenly we heard names being called. Mine was 3rd on the list. The Captain was obdurate. We have to answer the boat call every day for a week. It is bad as being a defaulter.

Letter – Hugh’s a lot luckier than I am – September 10, 1915
The Essex Regiment, 12th Battalion, Colchester

Dearest Sybil

Hugh’s a lot luckier than I am, as he’s got orders to go out with 20 other of our officers next week to join, I expect the 44th, 1st Essex, in the Dardanelles. I did my best to get out with him, but now we’re a Reserve Regiment it was impossible. They’re not sending any senior officers. So I must stop here and train recruits for the present. I’m getting all the influence I can though on the War Office, to let me be free and let me go out.

Hugh’s going out with a very nice lot, all the boys he’s known all these months. As he’s marked up as a very good signalling officer, I expect he’ll be taken right on the Divisional Signal Corps, which would suit him top hole. He’s very bricked up about it. And has gone off on leave to St Leonard’s.

I’m simply full up with work with regimental funds and officer’s mess now. The work is appalling, but I hope to get rid of it soon and get to my proper work with the men. I hate being away from them but all the old lot I trained have gone out already to various Essex Regiments.

Very glad all the family are so well. Heaps of love to them all.

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