Hugh S. Calverley - A Man at War...
Recounting a visit home
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details

Photo – Mrs R. watching Bob clean buttons

Photo – Mrs. Pig in a flint sty and master pig

Photo – Mrs Pig and a brood 3 days old

Photo – Tom Turner – the keeper of the pigs and the village humourist, a most humorous man like grandfather’s man>

Photo – Jack Russell dogs - being held by Barber. The Canadians notice Zep’s bells.

Photo – Robertson – the sun in his eyes. He got into mufti as soon as he could. Cleaning his buttons outside the drawing room. Still unsuspecting but mama has spotted me…

Letter – I have just been – September 13, 1915
12th Battalion The Essex Regiment

Dear Mum.

I have just been down for a few days to see Gran, Viola and Aunt Kit, and I talked to Gran.

One day I went for an 80 mile ride to Eastbourne and on to Brittling Gap. It was a most lovely little place with white cliffs and a sleepy crooning sea and blue sky with the Downs of Bushy Head on both sides. I had lunch, and went on to New Haven over horrible roads.

I first went to Pevensey Castle with its big towers, moat and walls round the outside in which they kept cows. Then I went to Lewes and clattered up the hill and had to run up the rest of it at the double, to the amusement of the P. C. on the corner.

I then went on to Chailey and had tea with Mrs. Robertson. I have some pics of her and Bob, which I took when I went to stay last Sunday. I told you about it: the lovely Sussex woods, so full of shadows and light, like a fairy wood that that has never been touched, and never cut down at all since England started. Joked and teased Mrs. Robertson into laughing. She is all alone now Bob is away. She has been depending on him for years and looking for him. I then I went to Maresfield and had a ride in the dark, most thrilling as there were so many people about. I got back quite well. The family were not expecting me back that night as I was intending to go on to the Isle of Wight to see Goddard, but thought it too far and tiresome to get there and come back. Gran was very pleased to see me back so soon. I had no luggage here. I had a choice

1 ( shirt)
2 (nothing)

As there were sheets I chose no. 2. I like wiggling between sheets after being in blankets only, for so long. Shocking.

I started back this morning and arrived at about tea time by train, as I hadn’t time to bike. I haven’t been to Early for two Sundays and must go in the week this week if I can possibly manage it. I was going at the Fisherman’s church at Hastings and got there at ten to 8 and the found the watch was 3/4 hours slow. I loved seeing the boats come in and being pulled up with a yo-ho on greased wood blocks by horse capstans.

Thank Bunny for her drawing and letter and for the lavender.


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