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The war pictorial
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Order Form – The war Pictorial – August 19, 1915

Signaler Hugh Salvern Calverley of the Third Battalion,
Canadian Expeditionary Force

Letter – Very busy – Jan 1, 1915

Dear Mum (i.e.) family

Very busy under instruction also looking after 16 Platoon interests, getting up company football and doing orderly office yesterday. I have collared a field, a set of goal posts, balls and distinctive sashes for 16 Platoon and D Coy. I landed the “New Baby”, on a farmer here, a Mr. Gant, in imitation of Dad’s landing the “Baby” on the Mayor of Harwich, (a christening present of 16 field telephones). He has provided a field. posts, and will be referee in Platoon and Coy. matches.

He has a lovely house full of old beams, corners, and tunnels. If I had it, it would be a gem. At present the open fireplaces are boarded up, and the lovely old oak rafters whited. They have warm old “willow”, with a mark on the bottom of the plates, from an old woman’s cottage. The brother is an Albertan farmer in Canada and he has a threshing outfit and half a section of land. My Platoon plays West Hams and is keen as mustard. They are the last place but won’t stay last by any means. With 60 men you can do something, Power with a capital P, if used rightly.

I went to Church this evening, to Upper Dovercourt church. They had an intercession service, very interesting. It has been restored to bits, whited and painted, lovely beams with stucco, beastly decorations on the walls. Seeing it is 1.40 I will stop. There are a pack of snob subs who want, (and will get), flat squashed laudy-daws.

Murphy is in this battalion of all people. He is at present on sick leave and will get discharged probably. Coslo Basher and Bell are very nice lads, and Cooke is a Ceylon tea planter, a big long Camb. rowing man.

Yours Hugh

Post anything interesting I send to Trinity.

Letter – I am the orderly officer’s assistant – Dec 29, 1915

Dear Gran

I am the orderly officer’s assistant today, borrowing a sword for the occasion. Yesterday I was on the rifle and musketry exercises. The Sergeant luckily did most of the work. In the afternoon we went for a small march in the pouring rain, and I went down to the City of Dovercourt to get some gloves and a haircut, likewise in the pouring rain.

It was awfully god of you to put me up while I was getting outfitted. Only a “Gran” would have done it. 50 St George’s is my London home. Where else should I have, you if it wasn’t’ there? I would have been down and out, sweeping the pavements long ago.

I must hurry up or I will be late for breakfast.

Your loving Hugh.

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