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WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Letter – I hope Gran – March 2, 1915
O H M S brown envelope with stamps 12th Essex, White City

Dear Mum

I hope Gran tells you all the news. I go and see her as often as I can, two or three times a weeks as I am at presently at the Chelsea School of Instruction, scratching away at a course on Signalling. We work in Battersea Park and near the barracks at morse, semaphore, flag, lamp, buzzer. There are some very good instructors here, lovely form in sending. It’s a joy to watch them send, as … as toast with a rhythm to it.

Dad is kicking up at Mab’s. I went down for the weekend. Last Sunday I went to kirk with Gran, lunch with Sybil, tea with Lady Sendel. Capt. Fielding is on the searchlights that guard London. They watch for aircraft all night. There were 4 or 5 others in for tea. Mona Calverley is staying with her, waiting for her brother Geoffrey to come back for a leave. He is 19; she is 23, very plain and quiet. He never writes, 2 in 3 months, which must be a worry for her.

Lady Sendel was very nice. She was so pleased about Gardener. She had heard from his son and Pa about how much he had enjoyed staying at Box 141. Horace is in bed with flu, Gran very fit. Viola near Haslemere and fit.

You remember you said the feet ought to be made to move? They ought to have been, and are being done now, the underneath ligaments were stretched and the muscles weakened by fever. They will be fit pretty soon, then the plates are got rid of, Your instinct was right. I run about with a Sussex man, Robertson, and Morely, also Barker, Meynall and Goddard, as nice a lot of men as you could find anywhere, clean, straight, and the right sort. It turned out right about Cambridge. I am with the right people now by quite a different path, only hope they and I stay in the same Battalion.

I went to early with Gran last Sunday. Her memory is perfect, so is her power of reasoning, about the war and anything else. She is as sharp as a needle. I get her to draw up all my formal thank and acceptance letters.

I went to a show with the Godman girls, Mrs. G, and a Miss Thynne, and snooty face Harry, a cousin, “the Man who Stayed at Home”. Mr. Godman was delighted to find, that like grandfather, I did not smoke, most unusual as nearly everyone does. He is very much the best of that bunch all round. He called on Gran the other day in person.

I went to the Horticultural Show and ordered some roses for you to be sent as soon as poss. so get the ground manured and dug for them: between 20 and 24 dwarfs, Hybrids, some H.I.’s. They will be a start for you to go on with. I must to bed. Remember the rose beds. They must be away from other plants, not mixed with annuals and other things which look pretty, but kill the roses. How about last year’s Aster patch? It ought to be in good condition.

Your loving Hugh

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