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Hugh is gazetted
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Letter – Hugh is gazetted – December 10, 1914
12th Essex Rg, Harwich Fortress, Harwich

Dearest Sybil

Hugh is gazetted; pretty much too, as his papers only went in on the 1st and he was in the gazette on Sat. I enclose the notice. He was gazetted on the unattached list, but is coming to us, and is I hope by now, in London getting uniform.

I was up there yesterday for the day. I got 40 hours leave, but was recalled this morning to act as President on a Court Martial and left London 5 a m to get back in time. I saw Mothy, who seemed pretty well, and told her about the war papers. Dined with Sybil and saw Horace.

The bank is sending you dividends rather over £100 (about $500) right away, also a statement of how dividends come in. I’ve told them to send dividends out at the end of each month. In this way when they are coming in, you will be able to see from the list which are the lean months.

Have been on Court Martial all day, tomorrow our General inspects us, and I’ve got to arrange for Christmas leave and dinners for 275 men, so life is just one thing after another. I shan’t get away for Christmas as Walters want to go and . . .

Letter – I am still under instruction – January 13, 1915
12th Essex Regt. Harwich

Dear Mum

I am still under instruction and full up most of the day. The rest of the time I am chasing after 16 Platoon. It takes a lot of time to look up the hospital people, curse the cooks and the ration corporal when they don’t get fed properly, see they get coal, visee passes, hunt up separation allowances, beside getting the sections around so that the people who joined together can be in the same bunch, or section (4 to a platoon). Moreover football must be seen to. I played on Saturday last with 16 against D Coy. and we got mopped up. Post anything worth while on to Archie for the Review.

Dad has a few days leave. I saw Gran the day after her birthday. Viola was up too. Gran is very well. She showed me Grandpa’s and Mr. Goodman’s lovely Persian Pottery book. I showed her the new bayonet exercises and Phys. Drill movements, and made her march a section round a table. We had tea with Lucy Ouless, Kitty and Evelyn were there. Evelyn is still the same as her picture in the dining room. M. le Parrot still barks and meows.

We must move off by 7 am tomorrow to dig trenches at Brentwood, so I must hurry up. 16 Platoon is very fit and much fitter than the other platoons. Only 2 out of 60 are sick – 20 or more are sick out of the other platoons. I have feet inspect after route marches. Meth. Spirits is the stuff for tender feet.

Dad is Orderly Field Officer for the White City tomorrow; most important. He is getting into training now; most of his C company is the light of his eye. I will go and call on Sir Geo. Asquith, and Mr. Godman. I must wait till we have a clear afternoon. At present we are out too late. We get to the front about June they say. It depends upon how far advanced we are. We go before any corps formed after us, 2nd Kitchener.

The Canadians are still on the plain in the mud. I think they must have pinched the 2nd biscuit tin full of grub. Perhaps Baggie will forgive them – because of the mud (Zu neck). Good

Your loving Hugh

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