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WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
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Letter – My dearest Tibby – November 25, 1914 50 St. George’s Square

My dearest Tibby

Rather late to wish you “many happies”, but here they are all the same. Some day I will send you a birthday present but wartime is a tight time.

We had Hugh for a splendid 3 days. It was so nice. He had grown enormously and I think he is awfully good looking. He was just the same and had not been in the house ¼ of an hour when he had his old box of flints out and spread them out in every room. Mothy gave him a Burberry to him him dry. We went to the “Country Girl” which made him laugh. Then on Sunday I took him to lunch in Aldershot. He saw Reg. We made the most of our time and I hope he will soon get leave again. Next week I am hoping to go out with Reg into billets. They will be out in Hampshire and we shall have digs. It will be nice to have a change as I break up the flat this week and it does cut the heart.

Mothy is very well and fearfully cross. I go and sit up in my room as she cannot bear anyone sitting with her. I don’t think she has any idea what its like. I think it is the same as Aunt Kit and also Aunt Ellen.

I hear Leveson is Second in command of the 12th Essex at Harwich. I am so glad. I have not seen him. I wonder what you would think of England in war. It is an absolutely different place. So awfully sober and desperately in earnest. Dress, fun, parties, good food have all disappeared completely. We are really expecting an invasion… and many get bombs over London any night but the thing is to keep on as if nothing were happening. Much love to all.


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