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On board the Tunisian
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Post Card – Cleaning the Dinner Dishes

Letter – We have been – Oactober 17, 1914

Canadian Overseas, Expeditionary Force, Toronto Contingent on board the Tunisian

Dear Mum,

We have been getting some English papers, the Daily Mail and the Times. They are full of the landing of the Canadians at Plymouth. We put into Plymouth because they heard there were German cruisers in the channel. I have been scrapping with the waiter man about the water. The food is passable, but it is the limit when they get too damn lazy to bring up drinking water. To blazes with them. They put on extra guard because they raised a riot in the other end last night. Guards everywhere, dozens of them. They have orders to raise their guns if any resistance is offered. No answering back. The belts and the brass as you saw.

My pack fits like a glove now and carries well. It makes all the difference if it is badly loaded on. There was a boy scout serving semaphore today from the Plymouth green opposite, and about six on board and Nolan besides a bunch more. They are mostly

bank clerks, mechanics and counter pumpers. Lennox, a Varsity man, is next door. I was his working mate in the Physics lab in Varsity. He is in machine guns. We have a great big 6 foot Essex labourer in the signalers, and he is funny as a show. He keeps the section laughing. Good quick wit is always popped in at the right moment. I am betting no money playing piquet, ecast, euchre, and whist. I also am sweating up the Signaller’s manual and field service instructions. Also am doing semaphore every day to get into shape. It is a dang sight harder to learn, than to run with the crowd and I want to get it down at my fingertips. I practice lamp reading and flag reading whenever they send any from the other ships. Every other day, I get four on, eight off, on the bridge, otherwise do two drills a day.


Letter – Just a line – September 27, 1914

Just a line. We are having a great time on board. Have been anchored, waiting for the rest. Will write soon as possible.
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