Hugh S. Calverley - A Man at War...
Lewis gun and 2 soldiers
Lewis gun and 2 soldiers Details
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley
WWI Scrapbook - Hugh Salvin Calverley Details
Troops at sea
Post Card – L H M Tunisian

Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force
September 28
Dear Mum

We are lying at anchor waiting for the other transports to turn up. Four have arrived already. We do physical drill twice a day 10-12, 2-4. Most strenuous and back breaking. Swedish drill contraptions for standing on our heads. I get up at about 5.30 and watch the sunup – chase around the deck and finish up early worms. Reveille goes at 6.00. break at 7.00, Guard 8.0 … 9, parade 10, eats 12, parade 2, eats 6, below 9, lights out 9.15. A little swarm came alongside today and went round the boat. The boxing gloves are a boon and we had a little round before supper.

Photo covered by letter – Lewis gun and 2 soldiers

Letter – Just a line – September 28, 1914

Dear Gran,

Just a line in case this letter gets to you before I do. We all go slowly. We are in fact, in Quebec now, waiting for the other transports. I will apply for leave as soon as possible to see you and Viola. It will be hard to get I expect. We have got cruisers to look after us. I am as fit as a fiddle. We do drill twice a day and get up at 6 o’clock, lights out at 9.15.

I heard from mum. Hugh. All letters happy Post Card – H M Formidable – January 14, 1915 to OLC Saw this the other day in a sailing boat. We tootled around the harbour for a couple of hours. Very busy at present “under instruction”.

Card – List of Transports, European War, 1914, Canadian Contingent Oactober 14, 1914

We signalled to the Tyrolia and the Laurentic, also to the Talbot. Tunisian 3rd V 10, Monmouth – Horse boat Royal Edward 48th (On board Tunisian from September 28 to October 16)

Card – 323 – Blue Ribbon – Joker
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